10 Differences in WordPress.com and WordPress.org

10 Differences in WordPress.com and WordPress.org – Before starting to create a website using WordPress, first you should understand the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Maybe you don’t know it yet, WordPress provides two services, namely WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

This article will discuss the differences of both so that it can help you determine which WordPress service is best for you. There are at least 10 differences in WordPress.com and WordPress.org that you need to know. Here’s the explanation:

PRICEFreeNeed to pay domain and hosting fee
DOMAINDomain address followed by wordpress.comDomain extension as you want
HOSTINGProvided by wordpress but limitedBuy and maintenance hosting by yourself

 so you can do more freely
THEMEUsing wordpress theme onlyAll as you want. Premium or free themes,

 wordpress or another theme provider
PLUGINCan not install plugin,Install plugin premium or free are allowed

both of free or premium plugin 
POWERED BYCan not eliminate “Powered by WordPress”Can eliminate “Powered by WordPress”
SEOImproving SEO will be difficultYou can set up SEO plugin more freely
 because you can not install plugin 
ANALYTICSAnalytics from wordpress onlyYou can set up analytics from third party

 as Google analytics
ONLINE SHOPUnavailable for online ShopYou can create online shop

 using woocommerce plugin
ADVERTISEMENTSetting up advertisement is not freeSetting up many advertisement as you want

 from anywhere

10 Differences in WordPress.com and WordPress.org

1 Price

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The first and most important difference is price. Actually, both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are free.

Basically WordPress is an open source software. What is meant by open source software is that anyone can use it, modify it, and distribute it freely.

WordPress has its own developer, but anyone can contribute to improving the quality of WordPress by reporting bugs, suggesting features, or patching damage in previous versions.

Then where is the price difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Why is WordPress.com completely free and WordPress.org requires additional fees?

When you use WordPress.org, the cost that you spend is not to buy software from WordPress.org, but the cost for hosting and domain.

On the other hand, when you use WordPress.com, you don’t need to spend a penny because the hosting and domain facilities are already provided by WordPress. However, WordPress also sets various restrictions for its free services. These limits will be explained in the following points.

2 Domain

On the previous point it was stated that WordPress sets various limits for its free service. The first limitation is the determination of domain extensions. If you use the free WordPress.com service, your domain extension automatically becomes www.yourblog.wordpress.com.

If you want to have a website or blog with a variety of domain extensions, WordPress.org is the solution. By using WordPress.org, you can choose whatever domain you want. You can use popular domain extensions such as .com, .co.id, or .net. You can also use unique domains such as .online, website, .store, .site, or .tech.

Of course you have to buy the domain extension from the domain provider. Although you have to spend more, your website or blog looks more professional with your own domain than a free domain.

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3 Hosting

10 Differences in WordPress.com and WordPress.org – Using the free version of WordPress.com means that your website or blog has also automatically used the hosting facility from WordPress.com.

Although it’s free, hosting from WordPress.com has its drawbacks, namely the capacity of its small disk space. WordPress only provides 3GB of disk space for WordPress.com. With such a capacity it will limit you to upload content on your blog or website.

Different if you use WordPress.org, you can freely determine how much disk space is on your blog or website. Can be 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, or even unlimited disk space.

4 hemes

The more theme choices, the greater your chance to create interesting blogs or websites. WordPress.com only allows you to use themes from WordPress.com. You cannot use themes from other parties, both paid and free.

If you feel there is no suitable theme from WordPress.com, you should immediately switch to WordPress.org. On WordPress.org, you can apply themes from anywhere, both paid and free. That way you can create an attractive website or blog according to your taste.

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5 Plugins

10 Differences in WordPress.com and WordPress.org – Apart from limited themes, WordPress.com also doesn’t allow you to install plugins at all. You cannot install any plugins, both free and paid, on WordPress.com.

Of course this will reduce the performance of your website or blog. Even though WordPress.com has embed various features, but it’s still not enough if you want the best performing website or blog.

The plugin serves to add various useful features on the website or blog, from SEO plugins, security plugins, caching plugins, to social media plugins. If you want to create a full-featured website using the help of a plugin, you must use WordPress.org.

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6 Powered By

Although it looks trivial, many people are looking for ways to eliminate powered by WordPress. Maybe for some people, such links interfere visually. However, unfortunately removing powered by WordPress can only be done by WordPress.org users.

If you use WordPress.com, inevitably your website or blog must contain links powered by WordPress. This is the price you have to pay when using the free version, which is promoting it indirectly on your website or blog.


Search Engine Optimization or often called SEO is one of the main elements in the website and blog. The quality of the SEO of a website or blog will determine its performance in the search results. The better the quality of SEO, the greater the possibility of a website or blog to appear on the first page of search results.

As mentioned in point five, WordPress.com users cannot install any plugins, even though plugins play an important role on the website. One of the most important plugins for websites is the SEO plugin.

Without SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One Pack SEO, and other SEO plugins, WordPress.com users can only rely on the basic configuration of WordPress. Different if using WordPress.org. You can add SEO plugins to help you get high rankings in search results.

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8 Analytics

As a good website and blog owner, you also have to evaluate the performance of your website or blog. How many visitors do you get in a month, from where visitors come from, how long visitors are on the website, and various other evaluation indicators.

Can you get it on WordPress.com? Of course not, the name is also the free version of the many terms and conditions. WordPress.com only provides basic analytics so you cannot analyze deeply.

If you want to be able to do in-depth analysis for a website, you can use Google Analytics. You can install Google Analytics if you use WordPress.org. Not only Google Analytics, you can also install Google Search Console and other plugin analytics to support your website.

9 Online Shop

For those of you who intend to make money from the internet, WordPress.com is not the right solution at all. You cannot create an online store using WordPress.com. WordPress does not allow users of the free WordPress.com version to create online stores.

This is a reasonable provision, considering that the free version of WordPress.com is very minimal which can endanger the security of customer data.

If you want to create an online store website, WordPress.org is the solution. WordPress material provides a free special plugin for online stores, namely WooCommerce. You can create high quality online store websites using WordPress and WooCommerce.

10 Advertising

This last point really proves that if you want to make money from the internet, the free version of WordPress.com is not the right solution for you.

WordPress.com does not allow users to display advertisements on their website or blog, except ads from WordAds. WordAds is the advertising platform of WordPress. To be able to register WordAds you must meet the applicable terms and conditions.

By using WordPress.com, you cannot make money from AdSense ads, even though AdSense is the most popular advertising platform in cyberspace.

WordPress.org is the solution. You really have to spend capital to buy hosting and domain.


10 Differences in WordPress.com and WordPress.org – The decision to choose WordPress.com or WordPress.org is in your hands. The ten differences I described above can be used as consideration for deciding choices.

Each version has its own advantages and disadvantages. WordPress.com is free, but of course there are various terms and conditions that apply. On the other hand, WordPress.org requires you to spend funds on hosting and domain fees, but there are many benefits that you can get from WordPress.org.

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