18 Types of Content Marketing You Can Use To Grow Your Business

18 Types of Content Marketing You Can Use To Grow Your Business

Content is king … or queen, as I always say. This is crucial if you are trying to build a brand online over the long term. I speak in the long term because there are many “entrepreneurs” who are looking for immediate success or companies that are not designed for lasting success. The content is ALWAYS alive, so it’s worth creating it once and using it forever.

Content marketing is a strategy that requires effort, time and sometimes money.

This is the number one strategy that most new startups use to prepare for the start. I will give some excellent examples at the end of the article.

Where do you start if you want to add content marketing to your business? You do not have to look very far. There are possibilities everywhere.

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With 84% of people expecting brands to develop content that delivers solutions, experiences, entertainment, and events, you can not really avoid content marketing.

Here are the top 18 types of content marketing that you can use to grow your business:


There is a reason why I made this number one. This is by far one of the best tools you can have in your marketing toolbelt. One, because it’s free. Setting up and writing quality articles now takes some time, but when is it RIGHT? They open up literally endless possibilities for your business.

Think of blogging as a way to communicate with your audience. BUT, here’s the problem – think about what they want and how they’ll appreciate what you write.

Many blogs write about themselves, their products, their features … but you rarely find a blog that dives into the depths of the help of this product, feature, or content for the READER.

The better you master this, the more committed your readers will be.

Blogging benefits include communicating with your audience, creating value, sharing content on other platforms, the tremendous SEO opportunity, a great place to gather prospects, and a great way to increase visibility. Increase the rank of your website on the internet, others share your brand. And so on. As I said, endless possibilities only by using a blog.


My second favorite! You must be active in social media. Each. Simple. Day. More than one time. In more than one network. Non-negotiable

When I started marketing, we had a blog and social media. That’s it. No marketing budget. No advertising fees. Just a good old time, commitment and willingness to do the work.

This combination has brought us to six figures in less than 2 years … and has grown.

The beauty of social media is back – endless possibilities!

You can choose the networks you want to share and create a unique audience on each site.

For example: Our Facebook fans and Instagram fans are two VERY different target groups. There is very little overlap between the two. This means that when we deliver content, we reach the target audience in two separate networks, which extends our reach.

The ONE disclaimer for social media is that you must be consistent. If you really want it to work for you, you need to commit to publishing something every day. Otherwise, you lose visibility, your audience, your reach and your opportunities.

The good news is that there are many tools that allow you to be present on social media without having to become a part-time social media manager in your business. Take a look at GetTassi.com. This will give you a calendar and a complete library of status information and graphics that you can customize in your organization. With TASSI, you can reduce hours spent on social networks, making the investment profitable in every case.

18 Types of Content Marketing You Can Use To Grow Your Business


This, combined with a blog and social media, was our triptic for the growth of solving marketing.

E-mail marketing does a few things. This gives you the ability to gather information from potential customers AND to reach them whenever you want.

For blogs, you have to rely on finding your articles.

With social media, you have to hope that they are online when you publish your content AND that the algorithms do not bother you.

With email marketing, you can send a broadcast anytime to reach your audience. No algorithm. Guaranteed delivery. (You have to open it, but it is a completely different contribution)

E-mail marketing should be used to establish a relationship with your audience. Give them value, give them ideas that they will not find anywhere else, and of course make them offers.


The video works very well right now. If you are not disturbed by the camera on all media, you should start by integrating videos into your content marketing strategy. Even if it’s once a month, you can use the video to connect to another layer.

Remember that users want to consume information as they please. Some like to read, some like to listen and some like to watch. This is where the video comes into play. It meets the needs of people who want to look, not read or hear.


Just like videos, podcasts are another way to market content that can reach your audience. When people drive, they can not watch or play your video. This makes podcasts the most powerful method for your content.

There are programs that record your video and automatically remove the audio from the video. So you can record videos in one session and prepare a video and podcast for your audience.

Do not complicate too much. Just think about how you can create value, promote your brand, and deliver content to your audience.


This is similar to video, but different from real time. When you host a webinar, you are live and you can interact with viewers. Versus a recorded and edited video. We use ZOOM for our webinars and this not only allows you to host a live webinar and chat with your attendees, you can also stream it live to YouTube or Facebook.

Which means you can be in two places at the same time!

Thank you technology!


This is another form of content that appeals to a particular type of audience. Creating infographics gives your audience a quick overview of what you want to share. And you do not need to hire a designer for that!

You can use Canva, Piktochart or Infogram to create this content yourself.


I bet you did not understand this strategy as a content marketing strategy, right? (If so, High Five!) People LOVE this type of interactive content and imagine all the data you can collect by sending a quiz or quiz to your audience!

Do you want to know what types of products do you like? (How to create it)

What about what they hate? (So ​​you do not create them.)

You can ask for anything and give them the opportunity to engage with you!

Some options are: SurveyMonkey, Jotform or a paid program such as QZZR.

18 Types of Content Marketing You Can Use To Grow Your Business


Do you want your customers to know your business? Ask him to leave you a note! You could make a big difference by helping others find you online.

Sites such as YELP have been shown to provide an unlimited number of business-to-business numbers through enterprise audits. The comments of Facebook and Google are just behind! When someone searches your business – to get an overview of your business, you create a spider’s web with opportunities that new customers can find.


You can offer free or paid e-books online. They are like ordinary books, but in digital form.

The strategy that most people use is to create shorter digital content like an e-book. Then they can give it to collect leads or sell them to make a profit.

This is much easier to achieve than a book and the overhead is much less important as there is no real manufacturing and the delivery is completely digital.

Depending on your business, an e-book can be a great way to provide your audience with content that you can later turn into higher sales.


One of our strategies for creating FAVORITELlisten is to use free tutorials. This is another form of content marketing that you can use to collect leads. Instead of just giving people a free guide by giving them a download link –

Do what we do.

Create a landing page, ask users to enter their e-mail address (you can start creating your e-mail list and collect leads), and you can ask your e-mail management system to provide the free guide ,

The customer is happy because he receives high-quality content for free and you are satisfied because he receives high-quality content and YOU have just acquired a prospect for a potential customer.

18 Types of Content Marketing You Can Use To Grow Your Business


Do you have a presentation that offers a lot of value? Why not use as marketing content? You can upload your presentation to websites like Slideshare to reach a new audience. OR you can post it on your website, download it as a gift or email it to your audience.

If we’re hosting a webinar for our Inner Circle, we’ll provide them with the keynote slides they can keep. This provides another valuable piece that you like! It’s the little things that can make a big difference.


Do you know someone who could add value to your audience?

Perhaps you would like to interview someone who has used your product or who has participated in your program?

The interviews are illuminating. They offer your audience a different perspective. And they are easy enough to do.

You can record it on video, split it into audio, write a blog post about it and create articles on social networks. From an interview. This is a content marketing machine.


Instagram stories, Facebook stories and yes. YouTube currently has stories.

The stories are H-U-G-E for social networks and for brands.

These are short clips (less than 15 seconds) with information or values.

You can share everything with small videos, pictures, pictures with stickers, short interviews. In easy to swallow pieces.

If you have not already integrated stories and have ideas on what you can share, this article will help you:

15. Chatbots

Ok, it’s new, but very effective! Chatbot marketing is popular on Facebook and is another form of content marketing that allows you to connect to your audience. We do not use it too often, but when we do it, the reaction is phenomenal.

Last month, we had a special year-end. We sent 4 emails. Each email had an opening rate of about 9% (which is very good for a sale) – our chatbot? 84% opening rate.

So … there is a way for you to connect directly to your customers via a chatbot!

We use ManyChat.


This is another new form of content marketing and another REALLY effective way to communicate with your audience. We use LeadPages to collect phone numbers and send text messages.


Have you heard of Away? The luggage should cost billions of dollars? At the beginning of the article, I mentioned a startup that used content marketing to gain a head start by getting in touch with its prospective customers. The brand AWAY had a brilliant content marketing strategy.

They founded the travel magazine Here to fill the gaps in the travel industry. You can read the whole story here about how they implemented this brilliant strategy.


It’s true I’m giving Pinterest this is his own category here. They do not call me the Pinterest Princess for nothing! It’s so much more than a social network. It is a visual search engine that means that people are looking for what they are looking for. The results are based on the image and the video. It really is a content marketing machine that will allow you to increase traffic once you’ve inserted your content.

It’s an easy-to-use platform where you can share articles, videos, products, podcasts, magazines, free tutorials, webinars, pictures, and anything to do with your brand. We have been operating this powerful platform for three years and it is the most popular traffic source on our website.

If you have content and want to find it? Pinterest is your magic.

18 Types of Content Marketing You Can Use To Grow Your Business

You have 18 types of content marketing that you can use to grow your business. Start with one or 18, the best advice is to start now!

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