5 Things to Consider Before Changing WordPress Theme

5 Things to Consider Before Changing WordPress Theme

5 Things to Consider Before Changing WordPress Theme – For most people, especially those who are just starting to use WordPress. Surely, they think that change the theme will be easy and have no problems. Even though, actually a big problem might arise just because you change the wordpress theme.

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How come ? Yes, logically every theme has a different code quality and has a different structure and work system. Damage can also be due to incompatibility between the themes used and the plugins that are currently active.

Through this article, I hope that there will be no more damage because of changing themes or even just idly changing themes. Here, I share things that need to be considered / done before changing WordPress themes :

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1. Back Up File,

which means that you must have to do it. Seriously, this is a trivial thing that is always trivial or forgotten. Actually, back up file is very very useful function. For example, when you change the theme then there is damage, you can return and using the previous theme but it will not same anymore.

Well, this is mainly function of back-up. When the theme are damage, you can return as previously theme, just back-in the backup file. Then, all the problems are finished and it’s back to normal without any fatal damage. Don’t know how to backup? See here how to backup WordPress sites via cPanel (Softaculous).

2. Note,

This must be done for those of you who make changes to the theme. Example, changing one or several theme files such as footer.php / header.php / single.php and others. If you make a change, please write down which changes are made.

This note will really help you later when you change the theme. Later, if you want to apply the same changes to the new theme, just follow the notes. This note can also help you remind which files are changed when returning to the old theme.

3. Maintenance Mode,

This is not mandatory for server owners / hosting that is unusually fas. But for shared hosting and other types of weak hosting it is recommended to use the Maintenance Mode plugin. This Maintenance Mode will show “the display” under maintenance / under contruction.

Therefore, visitors will know that the site is being built or maintained and possibly the visitors will come back again after treatment is complete. This can also help you avoid errors when updating / changing themes.

When changing the theme, there could be damage in the middle of the road. If the damage occurs then the site will display the WordPress version of the Maintenance Mode or it might even be an error in the front appearance. But when using “Maintenance the plugin mode display” will be a little more interesting.

4. Reviews

This is no less important, you need to review as well as learn whether the theme that will be used is good and compatible with the site system? We never know if we don’t find out. So, lets start to find out more about the theme that will be used.

For example, you plan to replace with theme A. you need to find out about the theme A. Visit the website or the WordPress directory then find the reviews from other users because it will really help you. Even if you need to read some comments about the theme until you find weaknesses and strengths of the theme.

Don’t know how to change themes? Find it here.
Those are 4 things that need to be considered before changing / updating WordPress themes. If you are sure of the replacement theme options, please replace it carefully and follow the tips below to find out what to do after changing / updating the theme.

5. Testing

Be sure to check whether the theme has been works and does not leave traces of the old theme. This usually happens so immediately, check the front page of the site whether everything works properly or not. If there is a problem (usually always there), straighten it up and fix it before many visitors see it.

In addition to appearance, the function must also be considered carefully because it does not rule out the possibility that changing themes will eliminate some functions caused by the structure and quality of the codes that different between themes. Please try the functions one by one to make sure everything works.

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