Create Simple Animation Using Photoshop

Animation Using Photoshop – Animation or moving images, namely moving images in the form of several image objects that you arrange regularly follow movements that have been determined in each additional time calculation that occurs. The image or object referred to in the definition above can be a human object, animal image, or text. In the process of making the animation maker or commonly called an animator must use logical thinking to determine the path of motion of an image from the initial position to the final position of the image. Careful planning in the formulation of motion paths based on careful logic will produce good animation to be presented.

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Many of us find free online applications that provide for making animation or moving images. This time I will discuss learning Photoshop to create animations or make moving images in the Adobe Photoshop program. Usually this animated image is often used by advertisers to create ad banners on the website. Now we start learning Photoshop to make simple animations with Photoshop and be relax with Drink a Coffee.

Create A Worksheet

Create a worksheet with free size as you like, For example with a size of 500 pixels x 500 pixels. Just for information if you want to create a profile on BBM, the file cannot be more than 32kb and usually in a square shape.

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Next, we open the “Ball” object, I have removed the picture of this ball. Then you drag it to the worksheet.

Display Animation Menu

Then you display the Animation menu by selecting the Window – Animation menu, the animated dialog box will automatically appear at the bottom

Starting Point For Creating The Animation

Now you are active in the ball layer, and set the starting point for creating the animation.

Then to place the second position of making the animation:

  1. Click Duplicated Selected Frame
  2. Adjust the position of the ball at the bottom of the worksheet

Make Tween Ball

Then we make tween ball

  1. Block both and click Tweens Animation Frame
  2. Tween dialog box will appear, fill in number 10 in Frames to Add
  3. The result will look like the picture no.3 below.

Set The Last Position

The next step is to set the last position
1. Click Duplicated Selected Frame, place the active position on the last layer in the animation dialog box.
2. Adjust the position of the ball on the right side of the worksheet

Then we make tween,

  1. Block layer number 12 and 13 then click Tweens Animation Frame
  2. Tween dialog box will appear, fill in number 10 in Frames to Add

Now you can click the play button and see the results. Remember to save it,, you click the File menu – Save For Web & Device and don’t forget to select it with the Gif option.

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