7 Free Mobile Applications to Learning English Quickly

Learning English is a mandatory requirement. Being able to master English will certainly make it easier for you to support your work. Many companies demand that their employees actively speak English, and even have to have a certificate.

But usually the obstacles faced for learning English are a matter of time and cost. If it’s your problem, don’t worry. Nowadays there are many applications on smartphones that can help you learn English quickly. For those of you who want to learn English only on smartphones, these 7 applications can be references. Be relax with Drink Coffee.

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Duolingo is one of the most downloaded foreign language learning English applications. Until now on Google Play, this application has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Learning English with Duolingo, you can match the level of learning with your abilities.

Not only English, through Duolingo you can learn many foreign languages in this world, such as France, Germany, the Netherlands and many others.

Some of the tasks available on Duolingo:

  1. Basic Learning, Phrases, Food, Animals, Pluralism, Ownership (the introduction of common words that we often find and use everyday.
  2. colors, conjunctions, questions, prepositions, use of Date and Time, Family, etc.
  3. Employment, Adjectives, information, place, object, community, travel, determinant, numbers, education, etc.
  4. Sports, communication, art, health, politics, science, business, capital, events, attributes, and many other tasks


This application is also widely downloaded on Google Play. Even Memrise has been named the winner of the best Google Play Award 2017. Testimonials on Google Play also mention that some users thanks to this application. Just like Duolingo, this application not only offer to learning English, but also dozens of other foreign languages in the world.

After downloading this game, the user is required to register first using Facebook account, Google Plus or email. This time, I tried to register using my Facebook account. After connecting this application with a Facebook account, the user will automatically be directed to the main page to choose what language to learn.

Because this application developer comes from London, England. So, the default language is English. So whatever language you will learn in this application, it means that you will use English. But don’t worry, because every word or vocabulary you learn will explain what the word means in English and will be repeated several times to sharpen our memories with those words.

Some of the features provided are voice, recurring questions, ranking, social media share etc.

Mango Languages

Almost similar as Duolingo and Memrise, but Mango Language invites users to learn the vocabulary that is normally needed everyday. Besides English, Mango Language also offers more than 70 other foreign languages.

Full features of Mango Languages software:

  • There are 70 choices of world languages that can be learned.
  • Complete learning from basic to expert.
  • Complete learning category.
  • The material can be downloaded and learned offline

Mondly Language

This application invites users to learn English quickly and effectively. Starting from teaching basic words, phrases, forming sentences, to experts in conversation.

Mondly offers learning system that makes language studies feel like playing games. Although there are now many other popular language applications such as Duolingo, Mondly has several additional features that make it favorite application.


  • Has a conversation feature
  • The pronunciation of words sounds human with natural intonation
  • Has 29 selected languages that can be learned


  • It feels slow to be accessed via an Android smartphone
  • There is no detailed explanation of language topics both in the application and on the web
  • The price offered is quite high

Hello English

Hello English: Learn English is a perfect application for learning English. You can learn this language in a relatively fast, simple and exciting way. Of course, all of this depends on the level of interest and motivation of users to learn English.

The most interesting thing about Hello English: Learn English is that there are more than a hundred interactive lessons that will help users learn English grammar. The best part is that all lessons can be obtained offline. You only need an active internet connection if you want to ask questions (if any) to an English tutor.

The most exciting thing about Hello English: Learn English is that there is a complete game section. This may seem strange, but thanks to the eight mini games in this application, you can practice English in an exciting and interesting way. Also, there are games for each level.

Hello English: Learn English is an excellent application for learning English. Inside there are lots of interesting lessons, a complete English dictionary, and a number of fun games to practice English. This application is a source of knowledge that must be tried, both you and your friends who want to learn English.


Lingbe is the main language exchange application.

The best way to learn and improve language is to practice every day with native speakers and other users who practice the same language. It doesn’t matter if you want to study, improve or just practice Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian etc. You will always find someone who will help you practice your chosen language through free voice conversations.

All you have to do is press the call button and we will find you people who will help you learn and practice your chosen language at that time. After the conversation you will receive feedback on grammar, pronunciation and fluency so you can always see how fast you are learning and progressing. Also, if you have a pleasant experience, give your practice partner “like” after the telephone. If they like you back then you both will have the ability to chat and practice again anytime. Just like if you are chatting with your friends on a regular messaging platform.

Why do I have to study languages ​​with Lingbe?

  • Instant response – Don’t waste time searching for profiles. Just press the button and we will connect you natively which will help you learn and practice the language.
  • Practice languages ​​anytime and anywhere from your smartphone – Learn languages ​​while increasing your fluency this easily.
  • Social – Meet other cultures and interesting people who share the same interests and desires. You will make new friends that will help you learn the language and improve your pronunciation.
  • Collaborative – Lingbe is a perfect language exchange application where everyone helps each other to practice language.
  • Rating – Receive real time feedback on your progression from native speakers on the language you are studying. You will always have access to your progress to see how much you are improving. The more you practice, the faster you will learn and improve your fluency.
  • Rewards – Help other users to level up faster and get more credit (lingos) to practice. You will also open a special award when you level up. Better feedback rating You receive more lingos that you will get at any time.

Anygram : Make Global Friends

You can try different ways when downloading this application. Not only for learning, you can find foreign friends through language exchange. By using Anygram, you can easily meet with many native speakers of foreign languages that you want to learn from all over the world.

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