4 Backlight Photography Technique



The most common situation we encounter when outdoor shooting is dealing with the sun. The trick that is often done by the photographer to cope with the sun is to place the model so that the light is from behind. This situation called backlight. Here are 4 backlight photography techniques that you can use for situations like this. These four techniques will produce 4 different photos, starting in terms of ‘mood’ and of course we will be able to create diverse and unique works. Don’t forget, be relax with Drink coffee.

Backlight photography technique 1: Fight with flash!

This technique uses flash to “fight” the sun. Flash or other light sources will be maximized to add lighting to the model from the front, so the model will be exposed perfectly. This technique is very suitable when you want to show subject and background at once.


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Backlight photography technique 2: Make a silhouette.

This technique is the easiest among others, because the photographer is enough to measure the lighting from the background. Because the model is not illuminated by light from the front, they will become silhouettes. If using this technique, make sure the posture of your model supports what you want to tell from your photo.

The example of the photo below clearly shows the posture of a man who wants to kiss his lover. Romantic isn’t it? To find out more, please read this article about silhouette photo techniques.


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Backlight photography technique 3: Make it over only!

The following techniques are used often accidentally. Usually, a photographer will photograph the model in this backlight situation, regardless of the background. So the resulting photo will look less professional, because there are many “blown highlights” or “scorch”, or commonly called “over”. But if we carefully utilize this technique, we can produce a work that is simple, elegant, and looks professional.

For example the photo below, the photographer intentionally exposed for the model, and let the sky behind be over-exposed. The result is a photo that is clean, simple and comfortable to see.

One tip for using this technique is to use a lens hood when shooting. The hood lens will help to eliminate “glare” or unwanted sparkle, and your backlight photos will become more contrast.


Backlight photography technique 4: Low contrast

This low contrast technique is not always applicable to every situation. This technique is also somewhat risky, because we have to measure both the exposure of the model and background, and take the “center”. The results that will be obtained are that the model will be slightly under, and the background will be slightly over. If you take pictures in RAW format, we can save these details using software such as Lightroom or Photoshop.

Use this technique if the contrast between the lighting model and the background is not too far away. The example of the photo below was taken when the sunlight was not too hot because it was covered in the sky.


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