Are You Sure You Should Be A Freelance Designer?

Are you tired of being creative in everyday life – when you have to be creative to order for a customer with a specific idea? I know, I know – commenting on a blog for designers is a strange question. But sometimes it can become monotonous to constantly work on the creative visions of others.

And to be honest, not everyone who works in the creative field should be designers. The good news is that there are many other professions that suit you better than conception. Perhaps you should consider working for another career: directing, programming, illustrating, taking photos, running a business, etc. How do you know? Let’s see!

Don’t stop learning

I graduated from a design school, then I decided to take a left and study the culinary arts. After gaining a foothold for a few years, I managed to bring the two disciplines together in a happy medium: design for culinary clients. Now I am working on a personal project that combines my two preferences: design and cooking. If I had dropped out of design school, I probably would never have thought of pursuing this particular creative combination.

Are You Sure You Should Be A Freelance Designer?

Perhaps your problem is that you haven’t finished your training yet. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been to school in 10 months or 10 years – or if you’ve been to school at all. I have exquisite views on college and university systems and the degradation of their infrastructure in many countries. School attendance is just one (flawed) option among many incredible learning opportunities in your area. Keep learning and find out exactly what you need to do.

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Would you like advice or create?

To be a creator is to be a consultant on a certain level. If you don’t like working with others who aren’t as knowledgeable about design as you are and advising them on the best design decisions for their business, it may be time to move to a place where you can do it. more. do it and talk less.

Internal work in the middle of a production pipeline can alleviate this somewhat, as it is usually your boss who deals with the customer and not yourself. If you want clear goals for the day and are looking for a social work environment, freelance is definitely not for you. Internal work reduces pressure on the company / client side.

Craft Or Art?

I’m always upset when people outside the design industry talk about art and design as if they were interchangeable. The simple truth is that these are two different things. Yes, they have the same relationship as the kitchen and waiting tables. Technically, they are under the same roof, but they are very separate disciplines.

Are You Sure You Should Be A Freelance Designer?

Art means staying true to your creativity. You do your work by yourself and no one expects you to create. To design or to manufacture is to create things to solve problems. If you’re not in love with the idea of ​​helping people solve their problems, or even thinking about everyday problems that can be solved creatively, you probably shouldn’t be a designer, let alone a independent.

Go against the grain

If you like to draw, paint or be creative, but don’t consider yourself a freelancer or work with clients, you may not be a designer at all. Maybe you are an artist – someone who only creates what he wants and is paid for it. It’s a bit riskier than paid work, but freedom is worth it for some people.

All the time, artists are given the task of creating works for corporate brands, which can pay off staying true to yourself instead of thinking that you have to compromise. As we know, the designer, Marian Bantjes, oscillates between art and design and creates bold and experimental pieces that completely exceed the expectations of his customers, but that they still love.

Are You Sure You Should Be A Freelance Designer?

I started studying illustration as an “artist” and then realized that I really liked the problem solving process. It has been said that art creates questions while design answers them. I really agree with this idea and I think it’s a great measure for whether you should be an artist or a designer. If you are more interested in asking questions than answering them, your interests are more likely to be at the artistic end of the spectrum.

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