Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes and How to Overcome It

Since a few years ago, blogger have entered the digital era. Absolutely, there are many changes that occur, one of them is from the field of work. Previously, the profession as a blogger was underestimated because it was considered “easy”. In fact, if these people are asked to become bloggers and write quality content, they may not necessarily do it.

Now, it’s not a strange thing anymore if you get the answer “blogger” when asking about someone’s job. Blogger has become one of the prima donnas because it is the key to digital marketing success. More and more people are interested in exploring this profession and don’t mind learning from the beginning. Mistakes also become a natural thing to do in the process. However, you can minimize it by knowing some of the mistakes of beginner bloggers and how to deal with the following. Read it casually while Drink Coffee.

  1. Writing down all the ideas that were obtained

When you start blogging, various ideas will come to you at erratic times, for example when you are receiving a telephone, jogging, or taking a shower. Even though it came at an uncertain moment, the ideas were not random at all. However, just because you judge that an idea has good potential to be developed, not necessarily the idea is good for the interests of your company or brand.

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Remember that the reason you are blogging is to grow your business, so make sure that every blog post you write can support business goals. Blog posts must have a relationship with the industry you are in and answer the anxiety of your target audience. If you have problems in determining business goals or are confused about how to cover certain issues, ask your boss for opinions. If necessary, schedule a meeting with someone from the sales team to hear the various questions they often get. From this effort, you will know which goals to achieve and ideas like what to execute.

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  1. Topic is too general

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The second mistake a beginner blogger also makes is the topic of writing that is too general. When starting blogging, beginners usually write “big” topics such as “social media marketing tips” or “how to earn money from the internet”. These topics are not wrong, it’s just too general. Because there are too many details that can be explored in these topics, it is difficult to discuss every detail in one blog post. Moreover, specific topics are able to attract a more appropriate target audience, which indicates a high quality of writing and the possibility to make the audience as leads even greater.

  1. Have No Data as Proof

Convincing people through writing can be said to be more difficult than through speech. In writing, you don’t get help from non-verbal aspects to convince your target audience, such as eye gaze, hand movements, tone of voice, and so on. You must arrange in such a way that your writing has the same convincing effect as verbal communication. So, what do you have to do to convince readers to post your blog?

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Use data to support your statement. Unfortunately, seems to be forgotten so it is often the fault of novice bloggers. Avoid this and start listing the relevant data on each of your blog posts. You can use data to direct the reader to your main argument and show the relevance of the topic or as supporting evidence in the middle of the post.

  1. Difficult explanation

Writing blog posts is very different from writing essays, but the majority of beginner bloggers actually apply the essay writing style to their blog posts. In fact, the style of essay writing is not a writing style that is usually enjoyed by people. After all, most people who see your post won’t read the entire contents. If you want to keep them interested, you should encourage them to keep reading with a writing style that is really nice to read.

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You should write as if you were talking. Yes, maybe there are some that need to be adjusted and chances are that you will be more conversational or chatty when writing, but it’s okay. In fact, more people will enjoy it. Remember that your target audience wants to do business with real people, not robots. Writing in an essay style will only create a stiff impression that makes the reader reluctant to read the entire blog post.

  1. Finish Writing, Finish Responsibilities

Just because the words you arrange on your head sound so flowing, it doesn’t mean that they will also happen when written in writing. Unfortunately, this is more often found in the mistakes of novice bloggers so they decided not to edit their own writing.

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You need to remember the words of Ernest Hemingway, a classic literary writer, “Write drunk, edit sober.” You may just write like a drunk person and let ten fingers type word for word along with ideas flowing in the head. On the other hand, you also have to keep editing the writing after it’s finished. Even all experienced writers are still required to edit their own writing. However, this time, when entering the editing process, eliminate the feeling of “drunk” from yourself. Take time to justify various typos, lame sentences, and various other mistakes. Also make sure that your writing flows so it’s easy to read.

  1. Writing Inconsistently

You may have heard often that the more often you blog, the more traffic you will receive on the website, which will certainly lead to more leads and subscribers. Sounds tempting indeed, but the more important thing you should pay attention is consistency, especially if you are just starting blogging. If you publish five posts in the first week and only one or two posts a few weeks later, you will find it difficult to form the required consistency. In addition, this will also confuse your subscribers.

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To help you establish consistency, you need a planning strategy. Use an editorial calendar to help you. At the beginning of each month, determine what topics you will discuss in your blog posts. The editorial calendar not only allows you to be able to do blogging consistently, but also can help you do scheduling posts if you suddenly encounter obstacles that prevent you from posting posts on your blog.

There always be things you can do to make it better. Maybe there should be more images, better compilation of words, data that must be added, and so on.

Instead of continuing to dwell on it, you should ask some people to read it. If they provide positive feedback, eliminate your worries and immediately submit your writing. Happy writing!

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