4 Best Feature When You Edit Video In Android With Kinemaster

KineMaster is an application capable of managing video. This application can handle a variety of videos with cool and unique. If software with the name after effect or other software is installed on a PC, you can use this application on Android without having to reopen the computer.

KineMaster is a video editing program that combines an engaging user interface with an amazing user experience and a host of powerful features that let you create videos just the way you want them.

Using KineMaster is very simple: just select the content you want to add to the video in the order you want and add the title to the final composition. You can then select the general theme of the video, which also adds video recognition. That’s all you have to do … but you can, of course, continue to edit it if you wish.

The features included in the video editing application can be used as needed, such as: For example, to create videos for tutorials or other videos so you can process them with this Android app.

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What are the good qualities of KineMaster?

You can also create videos with thousands or tens of assembled images to form a video. There are several features in this video editing app that are very cool. Here are some features that will help you make your video more professional.

1. Multimedia browser

This feature opens new images or videos that can only be processed through the kineMaster application. In addition, you can also open multiple images and up to several videos and combine them into one.

2. Layer

This feature allows you to create effects and replace previously entered files. You can also write cool texts and professional texts. Not only can you write an article, but you can also draw with your hands with the art you have. You can also create an image overlay or a semi-gloss or so-called invisibility.

3. Voice

In the voice function, you can enter the recording of your own voice. Here you can create video tutorials with your own recorded voice, including this application, as well as the voice function, you can also use it for karaoke and you can see how your voice results.

4. Audio

During the audio function, you can enter a song that matches the previously edited video. Suppose you make a religious video, then you can use the audio function to create a background song. You can adjust the audio background sound at your convenience.

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