Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

Give a doll already, give a flower too, what else would be the right gift for a birthday girlfriend? Especially for you guys who are confused and stressed about choosing the right and memorable gift to give to your girl who is having a birthday soon, no need to worry, guys! Because this time we will share ways and tips on choosing a memorable gift for your beloved girlfriend complete with inspirational birthday gifts that you can copy to give to your girlfriend! For those who are already curious, check it out right away!

1. Pay attention to the age of your courtship with him

Guys, in choosing a birthday gift for a girlfriend, it is very important to pay attention to the age of your courtship with him. Give a gift that matches the age of your relationship with him. If you only date him for 1-3 weeks, which is still an introduction to each other, you can give him a simple gift like a flower or a doll. Then for those of you who are at the age of dating one to three months, you can give gifts according to their respective hobbies, but do not directly overly expensive huh. While dating for four to six months, you can start to be creative in choosing gifts that are unique to him. Do not give him a gift that is used, give something that is anti-mainstream that will impress him.

2. Look for unique and other birthday gifts

The second thing you should pay attention to in choosing a birthday gift for a girlfriend is to give something that is always different every year. If the age of your courtship is long enough, do not give the market gifts such as flowers or dolls. You can give her other gifts such as dresses or high heels.

3. Pay attention to your girlfriend’s hobbies and preferences

To choose the right gift for your beloved girlfriend, pay attention to your girlfriend’s hobbies and preferences. If his hobby is reading books, you can give him a book prize from the author he idols. By giving a gift that suits your hobbies and preferences, your girl is very impressed and considers your gift to be the most special and meaningful gift.

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4. Find out what objects your girlfriend wants

Before choosing a gift for a girlfriend, you must first research what objects your girlfriend wants. Of course, by giving something he wanted all this time would make him very lucky to have a girlfriend like you. It could even be that he will think of you like a fairy godmother who always knows what he wants. Like for example if your girl is a Kpopers, then you can give her the latest album gift from her idol boy band.

5. Note whether there are goods or other things that are needed in the near future

In addition to finding out what he wants, also find out about what he needs in the near future. If your girlfriend is currently on a diet to lose weight, you can support him by giving a gift of a simple fitness tool for him so that the process of losing weight more smoothly and also your girlfriend’s body becomes healthy. In addition there are many more things that you can give according to your girlfriend’s needs.

6. Adjust the contents of the bag

Even though you are looking for a gift for the most special person in your life, you still cannot force your ability to please your girlfriend. Look for prizes that are in accordance with the budget you have, but the prize certainly looks unique and meaningful. Even look for what is really needed by him even though it is a very cheap object.

Now after knowing how to choose the right birthday gift to give to a girlfriend, here are some unique gifts that you can make inspiration in choosing the perfect gift for your beloved girlfriend! Check it out guys!

1. Romantic Pillows

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

It seems like it’s very market when there are special moments regarding our girlfriends always giving her a gift of a flower or a cute doll. Even though there are so many types of birthday gifts you can give him. Romantic pillows for example. You can give a pillow with the words i love you or other romantic words. You can also design your own pillow design to your liking or ask for the help of a grapis designer to help you design a romantic pillow that you want. By giving a gift in the form of a pillow let alone containing romantic things, it is hoped that your girlfriend will always remember you even when he is asleep.

2.  WristWatch

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

Like men, women also like to wear watches in their daily lives, as well as to support their appearance. Consider first the details of the watch given, because women are very careful in choosing items. Is he a digital type watch or a clock (analog) model. Adjust also with his favorite color. If you are not sure what your favorite color is, it is safer to choose a neutral color that matches with any color shirt. The neutral colors include, black, brown, white and gray.

3. Unique Night Lamp

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

To make it more different, you can give it a sleep lamp or Night Lamp with a unique shape and design as a birthday present. This lamp will be suitable to accompany him to rest at night so that he sleeps more soundly. Sleep will be more comfortable, especially accompanied by your gift lamp that might make him dream of you in his sleep. Make sure you choose a cute and unique Night Lamp, because basically girls like something that looks cute and sweet.

4. Perfume

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

Giving it perfume as a birthday present is also a very appropriate and non-marketable idea that you can try. The reason is almost every girl always pay attention to body odor so that perfume is certainly always available in her bag. Your girlfriend will be very happy when you give her a perfume gift, moreover the perfume you give is perfume with her favorite scent.

5. A set of makeup tools from a brand that he always uses

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

Besides perfume, you can also buy a set of makeup products as a birthday present. Of course for those of you who have deep pockets, there is no harm in giving a gift that can be said to be expensive. Because a set of make up products is priced at a fairly varied price but equally draining the contents of the bag. But for the sake of happy beloved girlfriends on her special day, prices will not be an obstacle right?

6. Selfie Drone

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

For your girl who likes selfies and wefies, you can give her Selfie Drone as a gift on her special day. This gift will definitely make him jump because of excitement. Instead of giving a tongsis, it’s better to reward him with a Selfie Drone that is more worth it. Selfie using a drone will produce an image that appears wider than normal selfies that are only reachable along the arm or tongsis. Can you imagine how happy your girlfriend is when he unwrapped his gift and found a special Selfie Drone just for him. Get ready to get a hug of happiness from your boyfriend!

7. Mini Ornamental Cactus

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

It doesn’t need to be expensive to make your girlfriend feel happy. You can give him a mini cactus in a pot as a gift on his birthday. This mini cactus can be a display on a room table or can also be placed on a desk that he will always see. To make it a gift, you can choose one of the many types of ornamental cacti and then you can decorate it with ribbons to enhance your appearance. In addition, the cactus is also able to survive in various conditions, no matter how painful it is. With the meaning of the cactus, it is hoped that your love for the girlfriend will proceed like the meaning of the cactus.

8. Hair Curler

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

Do you have a girlfriend who likes to change hairstyles ?, It doesn’t hurt if you give her hair curlers or hair curlers as her birthday present. For female curlers or hair curlers it is very useful especially if they are going to attend a formal event. By giving him a gift of hair straightening and a hair curler, at least he will not spend money to go to the salon to style his hair.

9. Jacket

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

You and he often travel to ride a motorcycle, a jacket is one of the right things you make as a birthday present for him. Surely this gift will mean a lot to your girl. He will feel cared for because you care about his health. If possible you can make a couple jacket that is unique to you and also to him.

10. Sketch the Girlfriend’s Face

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

Giving her a beautiful face sketch as a gift on her special day is one of the most romantic gifts. the gift will make her happy. The sketch is a scratch of your own hand. Even though it’s cheap, this gift will be very meaningful for your girlfriend.

11. Romantic Music Box

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

Want to give a romantic gift on a special day? You can give him a music box on his birthday. Currently there are many places that you can go to order the music box you want. In the lid of the music box you can engrave photos or names of both of you, or engrave romantic sayings. In addition you can also order a music box with his favorite song instruments. Do not forget to include the most romantic birthday greetings that can make him happy because of happiness.

12. Mirror Gift

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

Slightly chewing on his birthday doesn’t seem to matter. You can buy a mirror, or decorative mirror that he can use when making fun, complete with led lights that make the mirror more perfect for decorative mirrors. Then where is the rag? When giving a decorative mirror as a gift, you can slip a note that says romantic words like “If you see someone in the mirror, he is the most beautiful person in the world who has my heart completely. Happy Birthday Love! ” Can you imagine how touched he is when you give this mirror gift as well as a romantic note that contains your admiration for him? Surely he will cry so happy and touched.

13. Give Something Related to His Idol

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

Guys, if your girlfriend has an idol, whether it’s a Korean boy / girl band, whether it’s a Hollywood or Bollywood artist or even an Indonesian actress, you can give him something related to his idol artist. Whether it’s her idol singer’s latest album, her idol boyband concert tickets, or even a movie ticket for her favorite actor as a birthday present for her. He will feel very happy because you pay attention to what he likes.

14. Sing A Song or Read A Romantic Poem

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

If you have an advantage in biadang singing, there’s nothing wrong you use your beautiful voice to sing a romantic song or favorite song as the most romantic birthday gift for him. In addition to songs, you can also read him directly in relation or two good poems that you composed yourself on his birthday. Guaranteed that he will be very happy when you do something romantic on his special day.

15. Romantic Proposal

Recommended, 10+ Best Gift Ideas for women on 2020

It is a golden opportunity if you propose to him on his special day. As the most romantic and most meaningful gift for her, you can make her birthday more special by proposing it. Show that you are serious about wanting to immediately make him your life’s companion. You can be sure your girlfriend will feel happiness many times more than usual. When you propose, you can give a gift as a ring as a sign you want to immediately claim that he is only yours. In addition, also prepare the most romantic words when applying. Make her feel to be the luckiest woman for having you as her future husband.

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