How to Change Background in Adobe Photoshop

Change background in adobe photoshop is very easy. You just need the Photoshop application on your laptop. Then follow the tutorial below. Easy and not complicated.

Change backgrounds do often for various purposes. Like to make a photo fitting to change the background etc. If you have practiced it, you don’t need to go to the photo studio if you want to change the background.

Well, if you want to make your own photo fitting, just have an ordinary camera or mobile phone cameras. The important thing is the quality of camera. Next, install Photoshop software. If possible, find the latest version. Why? The latest version is very profitable, there are many tutorials that publish the latest version.

You may search for photoshop software by search engine, then install the application on your computer and relax with Drink Coffee.

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Here’s how to change the background of photos using Photoshop easily

You can change background in photoshop by various ways. Lets practice one by one. Don’t worry, it’s easy. Following this, I will make a tour in an easy and easy way. Just a few steps, you can change the background.


Open the Photoshop application first, then load the image that you want to change background. Next, I will open 2 images.

  1. The photo that will be deleted is the background
  2. The image that will be used as the background.

The method to load images or photos into Photoshop is “File => Open => “. Then find the folder that stores your images or photos. Consider the following picture, I have loaded 2 photos into Photoshop first.

If the steps are correct, 2 layers will appear.

Please to make sure the active layer is the photo layer that we will remove the background. If you want to move the layer arrangement, it’s easy, do it by pressing the left mouse, hold it and slide it up.


Our next step is to deleting the background part of the photo. You can use several options such as pen, eraser etc. However, this time we will use the Quick Selection Tool.
For more details, please see the picture below.

Just follow the step as picture above. The first step is to choose the layer, select your photo layer at the top. Continue with the next step. Please see the illustration of the picture above. It’s Easy, isn’t it?

Now, as picture above, you can see step 5, namely refine edge. Picture below The following is a refine edge display. This tool serves to refine the selection section that you have made before. Try to look at the picture below.



Below is the display of the refine edge window that works to make your selection look smoother. Especially on the curly hair part of the photo above. The next step, set Smooth and various other types of settings.

In this tutorial, we just set it smooth or the corners to be smoother. The following is an example of the image to make it easier.

After you have set up Smoth and some other settings, the next step is to select the output type. As example above I use the new layer. Then press Ok. Now the photo that you have finished is already changing the background. For more details, see the sample image below.

The following are the results of editing that we have learned. If the steps are correct, the resulting output will look like the illustration below. In the illustration below, there are 3 layers.

How? It’s easy,  isn’t it? That’s just a few ways to easily replace background photos with Photoshop. The above steps can be applied for various types of needs. you can change the photo you have.

For other ways, I will make it later. There is a method of erasing background with eraser. Or you can use the layer mask method.

I highly recommend that you use layer and mask. because the trick is very helpful for you to understand learning Photoshop quickly.

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