15 Cnc Wood Project Ideas

Here are some of my favorite CNC wood project ideas, that are easy and fun to build with CNC machines. This is my favorite part of the CNC machine experience, it really is a great feeling to stand in a work area with my hand put together piece of wood. CNC machines can do such amazing things as fine sanding, routing, cutting, and coloring with such precision. It is really amazing the stuff that a CNC machine can do. If you are into woodworking or just have an interest in taking something that can be used in woodworking, than you may want to check into these CNC wood project ideas.

CNC Wood Project Idea – Fine Furniture For Your Patio or Outdoor Living Space Here is one of my favorite CNC woodworking projects. I took a Le Cordon Bleu set (decorated and with wood drawers) to my local Home Depot. They have a CNC wood router that is attached to their lathe and runs the complete length of the table. We cut out all of the wood and then attached some nice patio cushions that are made of cork. This is one of my favorite parts of the CNC experience, it really makes a difference in the end result, and you can see the end results by looking at the photos on my website.


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CNC Wood Project Idea – Fish bowls Perfect size fish bowls are always hard to find. With a CNC wood carving machine this is much easier. With a router and a CNC wood carving machine we were able to make high quality bowls that rivaled the best wine stoppers. This was a great and funny project, and it showed how different some common everyday tools can be when used in different situations. If you have some patience and can get a good laugh, this will be a great project for you to try.
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CNC Wood Project Idea – Portable Tables We started out making small tables using an old tablecloth as a frame and a small amount of wood putty to hold things together. Then we discovered the joys of CNC wood routers, and we were able to build long and thick tables out of metal tubing. These are two fun things that you can do with your CNC wood routers. There are so many possibilities for this type of woodworking.

CNC Wood Projects – Air Racks We went with a simple idea, but had to make a few changes to our original plan. Instead of just an air rack we decided to build a remote control vehicle mount rack and mount the woodwork on it. It turned out awesome! The kids were really excited about this project, and now they have a place to store their remote control vehicles.

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CNC Wood Projects – Animal inspired Plans We wanted to build a cat tree because we found some animal-shaped wood plans online that were pretty awesome. We figured that with our CNC lathe we could build something similar. The kids enjoyed making the animals and playing with the wood. Now that the project is done, they are going to be able to show off their work to their friends. This was a great project for all of us.
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CNC Wood Projects – Birdhouses and Spiders This was another fun project. We built birdhouses with a little help from our CNC lathe. Now the boys can watch their birds and talk to them from home. Not only are the birds being watched but we have spiders too, in the living room.

So if you are looking for a way to pass the time when bored, try a CNC router wood project. Not only will you be learning more about your favorite hobby, but you will be creating awesome projects as well. It is always fun to create something with your own two hands, especially on a small scale. CNC routers are a great investment for woodworkers of all experience levels.

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