Unique Door Painting Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Special

Unique Door Painting Ideas Door painting is not easy to find and most people do not take it seriously. However, we should realize that the purpose of doors is to protect our belongings, and it should also serve as a sign welcoming you in. If you are planning to sell your house, it is advisable to decorate it to reflect your personality as well as the theme of the house. This will help potential buyers notice about your home. Here are some door painting ideas to consider:

Paint doorways with light colors – usually, people go for dark colors for living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms. However, these days, light colors have become more popular. It makes your doors look bigger and brighter. Also, it makes them appear more spacious. You can use an enamel spray paint for this job.


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Go for stencils or paint designs – if you have a good design in mind, then it will cost you less. You can either stencil the design on the door itself or paint it onto another surface. The advantage of using stencils is that you can experiment until you find the best design. Also, it costs less than having a painting done by a professional. Just make sure to choose the right type of stencil.

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Choose paints that will make your doors look bigger and brighter – you can use light or dark paint colors. Also, be careful to make sure they are long-lasting. Consider painting doors that are located near the windows. They will make your interiors stand out and look more spacious. These types of doors are naturally bigger compared to others.

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Use textures like sandpaper or wallpaper – textures give depth to the paint job and they also help in making the door look wider and taller. Sandpaper and wallpaper are good choices to cover small doorways. For larger doors, you can use murals, stains, and paint designs that are made specifically for this purpose. The most popular type of door murals are those that depict scenes from different cultures or countries.

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Use special effects like stickers – some companies offer the opportunity to choose from a variety of stickers to be painted on doors. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. With the help of a special effect sticker, your door will definitely stand out.

Go with a classic design – keep in mind that classic doors look classy and are not very trendy. When choosing a classic design, you can go for a wooden door frame. This will add a touch of class to your home. Also, consider changing the door knobs or handles to something that will add a stylish look.

You don’t have to spend big amounts in order to decorate your home. A little bit of creativity goes a long way. However, when looking for unique door painting ideas, it is important that you choose paints that are specifically designed for use on doors. If you need some professional advice on what paints you should use, ask local hardware stores and home improvement shops for their advice.

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Choose paints that will complement your design – always make sure that you look at your doors objectively. If you are planning on repainting your entire house, make sure that the whole thing complements each other. For instance, if you’re planning on giving your doors a tropical look, make sure that you pick a contrasting paint color. If you want your paint job to resemble that of barn doors, try a light or white color. It is important that your paint is able to work with the look and texture of your doors.

Take note of how your paint will look when it is newly applied – always remember that the finished product is going to look much better if you carefully plan out your unique door painting project. Make sure that you apply a generous amount of first coat so that you can get an idea of how your paint will look as it dries. Also, make sure that the first coat is a light one so that it doesn’t make the paint look too heavy. Once you’ve figured out how your paint will look once it is dry, you can move on to the next step.

Paint door handles in the same manner – always try to use the same paint for both your door handles and door knobs. This will help give your project a more unified and professional look. If you’re unsure about how to mix paint, you can always start by using a small amount of paint on both surfaces and see how it turns out. Once you have figured out the best way to mix your paint, you can move on to the actual door handles and knobs.

There are plenty of door handles and door knob painting ideas that you can use. You can create a contemporary look simply by picking out handles that are shaped like a square, triangle or circle. You can also choose from several different materials for your handles, such as brass, wrought iron, steel, and glass. Just remember that the look you are trying to achieve with your doors will be the biggest factor in determining which paint you should use.

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