30 Gift Ideas Birthday For Best Friend

Birthdays are moments when someone celebrates the events of increasing age. Most people think that birthdays are special moments in their lives, and of course everyone on birthdays expects the best to happen to them as they get older. Birthdays are not only a prayer for a long life and, given the progress and success in life, also a synonym for birthday gifts.

Giving a birthday present to a friend or a close person is an expression of your affection and love for the person who has the birthday. With this gift you also give the birthday person the indirect feeling of being something special and you will certainly give your own impression.

Do you often feel confused about what to give when your best friend or closest person has a birthday? Of course you want to see your best friend or closest person who has a birthday smile and is not happy when you receive a gift from you? Before deciding on a birthday present, of course, you also need to think about your relationship with the person we are going to give the present to.

Is this person your best friend? Or is this person your colleague? Then think about how old he is. Because this also affects the price range of the prices that you will be awarded later. Next, Coffeenideas gives a birthday gift idea for men, a birthday gift for a friend, a birthday gift for a homemade friend, a birthday gift for a friend and a unique birthday gift for himself.

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Gift Ideas Birthday

Not only are you thinking about what gifts to buy for your beloved friends, but you’re sometimes confused about how small or big the budget has to be, right? Avoid being stingy and of course keep your wallet in good condition. Coffeenideas recommends everyone to put a little money aside to buy gifts for your friends.

Before Coffeenideas gave an example of the best birthday gift ideas for men and women, which are of course unique and inexpensive, and those that are handmade, Coffenideas may have given tips on how to find a birthday gift first.

1. Adjustment Your Budget

The first tip is to choose a birthday present that suits your budget. Remember that you don’t have to deal with expensive gifts because there are unique and beautiful birthday gifts at relatively low prices that can be used for birthday gifts for cheap friends or gifts for girls.

You can also get unique special gifts from your own work. However, if you don’t have time, you can also buy it with a note that matches your budget price. But the results of your own creativity will only impress your friends or friends.

2. Look For Unique Gifts

Here, unique means that it is not a market or different from the others. An object can be said to be unique if the model and design are not marketable, even though the object type is the same. However, with different models and designs, it still feels more unique when giving a birthday gift to a cheap friend or a gift to a girl with a unique gift.

3. Give a Gift According with His/Her Hobby

Birthday gifts like this are certainly very useful for your friends or relatives as they can be used later according to their hobbies. For example, your best friend likes to play soccer so you can give him cool soccer shoes with the latest models or his favorite soccer jersey.

4. Give a Gift That Is Slightly More Expensive Than Usual

You always buy the same item for your daily needs and food, don’t you? But sometimes there are times when you also want to try items that are a little more expensive than usual. Well, things like that can be given to your friends.

5. Find Out In Advance What Items He Needs

And the last tips, find out in advance which articles he needs. You can ask this during a casual conversation with him so that he doesn’t even notice that you’re giving a birthday present in the form of items that he needs. This way you can surprise him with gifts that contain the items he needs, which will surely be more useful for him.

Gift Ideas For Women/Girls/Girls Friend

Unlike men, women certainly have some features that make it easier for you to choose a birthday present for them. For example hobby collecting bags, shoes, accessories or make-up. If you already know your friend’s hobby but are not sure yet what to buy for her as a birthday present. Next, Coffeenideas gives a friend a birthday gift idea that you can add to your reference.

1. Aromatherapy Candles

Sometimes it is more difficult to choose a birthday present for a friend, since usually almost everything that she likes is already in her possession. Perhaps that’s why you can try giving away aromatherapy candles. Birthday gifts in the form of aromatherapy candles are actually quite unique and interesting because they are offered as birthday gifts and are included in the selection of birthday gifts that are particularly useful and popular for women.

Why is that? Because in addition to the scent, the scent of aromatherapy candles can also help your girlfriend to feel calm and relaxed.

2. Pastel Colored Socks

Socks are an item that everyone of men and women definitely needs. However, most women would prefer something fun and interesting. These colorful pastel socks can be an alternative if you’re looking for a birthday present for a friend who is simple and not too expensive, but still useful.

Usually pastel colored socks have designs with cute motifs that your girlfriend is guaranteed to wear. The material is soft, very comfortable to wear and can be combined with a variety of shoe models. The right choice for a birthday present for your friends who are still in school or college!

3. Perfume

Another gift that many women will definitely like next is perfume. Perfume is never missing in the product line that should belong to a woman. The use of perfume usually increases a woman’s self-confidence.

If your friend has a hobby of collecting perfume, you should first find out which perfume scents he likes and which brand of perfume he does not have, so that you can later give a birthday gift in the form of a perfume that can complement his collection.

4. Makeup Organizer

In addition to the minimalist design, choosing a teak make-up organizer is one of the unique handmade birthday gift ideas. You can choose a birthday gift for your best friend from 3 types of makeup organizers that are small and suitable for him. The makeup equipment is not large, medium in size and can accommodate a smartphone or a large organizer that is two-story can hold more makeup equipment.

5. Facial Sketch

A nice surprise for your friend if you secretly draw a sketch of your friend’s face. He will surely be very happy because you are a caring friend. This gift is very meaningful when you give it to a friend.

If you can’t sketch your best friend’s face, you can order it from an easy-to-find facial sketch provider. Not why it is not your original work, which is definitely your intention as a gift to a good friend in your life.

6. Unique Clutch or Wallet

Giving away a wallet as a birthday present is no longer a new idea. However, you need to know that the right wallet for a best friend’s birthday gift is a unique and ethnic wallet in the form of Cluth. Women certainly like a large and long wallet with a motif that is fun and ethnic.

The long model is chosen so that your friend can keep more things later, as some women prefer to use a long wallet and put it in a pocket when traveling.

7. Ornamental Cactus

The last unique gift is a pottery in the form of mini flower pots. This clay pot contains a unique mini ornamental cactus plant. Ornamental cactus plants are usually used for ornamental plants in the house and placed on a desk or on the living room table.

This mini ornamental cactus plant is quite resilient to indoor living, but the downside is that the mini ornamental cactus is a living ornamental plant that will surely wither and die. Well, it doesn’t matter that you can try who knows your best friend likes it, and there is even an interest in cultivating it.

8. Wooden Watches

Wooden watches are one of the unique and rare types of accessories. This unique watch is most likely if you give it to your best friend as a birthday present so she always keeps it.

When you automatically give your friends a gift for a wooden watch, you’re essentially always reminded of them. These watches are also very useful as they can always be worn every day to accompany all activities.

9. Lamp

Give a friend decorative lights so he can put them in his room or on his desk

10. Tumblr

Funny Tumblr can also be an attractive gift choice for a gift that will later be given to close friends.

11. Notes

Hobby friends or friends take notes? It is better if you give him a gift in the form of a set of notebooks.

12. Totebag

A girl gift in the form of a shopping bag for your friends or friends who look casual and like to travel.

13. Cool Table Clock

In addition to wall decorations and displays, table decorations in the form of clocks can also be an attractive alternative to gifts for girlfriends.

14. Cute Mug or Cup

Mug with a fun and attractive design can also be one of the things that can be given to a friend or friend.

15. Sweater

In the rainy season, sweaters are very important and useful to warm the body. Well, you can give your friend a gift, you know the sweater.

Gift Ideas For Men

Men are generally interested in something that is also known to be useful. Typically, a typical man doesn’t pay too much attention to the brand or brand of an item as long as the item can be used. Adam will also be very happy if you provide an item that he can use or at least help his daily life.

And of course, if you give a birthday present in the form of items related to your hobbies, you’re happier. Here Mamikos gives the best gift ideas for your best friend.

16. Hat

Quite a few men who like to wear hats everywhere. If your best friend is also a fan of hats, you can give a hat that is fashionable and trendy to make it look more charming. Of course, you can use a special hat of yours for various activities, be it for school, college, work, sports or just traveling. There are different types of hats you can choose from.

Baseball hats, for example, are the most popular hat models that are widely used in different parts of the world. Why Because baseball caps can be used for almost all men’s activities and can be combined with different types of men’s clothing. If you choose a dark baseball cap, the compatibility with the clothes is even higher!

In addition to baseball caps, there is also fedora. Fedora is also suitable for different types of men’s suits. There are more hats to fight the cold weather, and bowler or derby hats for those with thin faces. You can also choose a boater hat that goes perfectly with a blazer.

17. Belt

From the point of view of its function, the belt has to be very useful to keep the pants in the waist. However, many men see the shape of the belt as a cool addition to the appearance of the waist. So you can give a belt gift with a cool design for a guy who is cool too.

18. Action Figure


Well, this one idea is very suitable if your girlfriend is a fan of Japanese anime or other animated films. When you give away an action figure as a birthday present, you will definitely feel like the happiest people in the world! Especially if you give a unique action figure of your male friend’s favorite character that has few fruits in the world! He is guaranteed not to forget this birthday for the rest of his life!

But you have to keep in mind that the price of action figures can be very expensive, especially unique and in limited numbers. Therefore, you need to take good care of the budget you have. In addition, you should consider a collection of action figures that already belong to your friends. Choose which is more fun, buy a new character he doesn’t have, or buy a character from the ranks of certain popular anime or movie collections to complete the collection.

19. Wristwatch

A watch is best suited as a birthday present. It is true that giving a watch is an idea that is fairly mainstream. But don’t worry, your friend will always like to give away a watch as a birthday present.

In order to choose a watch that suits all men, of course you have to choose the right one and match your activities. Also adapt to the style of everyday dress and skin color. Choose a watch with a bracelet whose length fits the wrist. After all, you shouldn’t be easily tempted to buy cheap watches that are cheap only for budgetary reasons. It is better to buy something that is cheap than to buy a cheap watch.

20. Shoes

Giving shoes as a birthday present is probably the most beautiful gift for all men, wherever they are. However, if you really plan to give shoes, you might want to know in advance what type of shoes your male friend likes and then pay attention to what the fashion looks like, and the most important thing is the size of the shoes.

If your best friend likes to play basketball, you might be able to give him basketball shoes so he can wear every basketball exercise. Don’t forget to put a sweet greeting in the shoe to make it more unforgettable.

21. Guitar

Guys and guitars are also a minimal partner, you know. The guitar also won’t be wrong to be a gift to a guy on his special day, especially if the guy is really good at playing it. You can choose other types of acoustic guitars, starting with shape, dimensions and color choices. Now try to stop by the music store if you have the opportunity.

22. Chocolate

Chocolate gifts are actually suitable for everyone, including boys who celebrate happy days. You can give your own handmade chocolate even cooler. You can shape the chocolate you like, like a boy’s name, a happy day, or just a greeting.

23. Camera

Even if you are capable and the guy is a photographer, you don’t have to buy him a professional camera. You simply buy him a selection of practical cameras that can be used to relax. Let’s call it an instant camera or action camera that is easy to carry. If you really want to grade a little, you can give the guy a mirrorless camera.

24. Helmet

In addition to gloves, helmets are also a great gift for men who love motorcycles. You can choose the same helmet with the color of the bike to make it look cooler when worn. If you have problems with the form, simply try to choose what you really like. However, adjust the size with your head, yes.

25. Backpack

Boys also become people who often don’t pay attention to the objects they carry. Not infrequently, they always use bags that are worn or have not been washed for a long time. You can give your backpack as a gift. Just choose a backpack with a simple design that doesn’t have many compartments if you’re confused.

26. Sunglasses

If your friend, including a stylish man, you can give him glasses as a birthday present. Choose sunglasses for men that look really trendy and are suitable for a variety of situations.

Our recommendation is the polarized Plantiff Square men’s glasses. Made of titanium with polarized lenses that can be used day and night. The luxurious design of these glasses makes your husband’s style more fashionable.

27. Shirt

You can give a shirt as a birthday present for your husband or friend. Because shirts are the clothing that is most commonly used, especially when your husband or girlfriend works in an office.

Why does it have to be a shirt? because the shirt is a formal dress that is often used. In addition, the shirt for men could boost his confidence.

If you give your partner a shirt, he will definitely be happy. But there are a few things to watch out for, like the motif, size, and color he likes.

28. Vacation Ticket Together

gift ideas birthday, vacation ticket

You can give her Christmas cards as a birthday present. Especially when your vacation is in your favorite places. To be sure that he will really like your gift in this case. So it was decided where to go on vacation?

29. Folding Knife

gift ideas birthday, folding knife

Folding knives or more popular Swiss pocket knives can be used for various things in everyday life or when traveling.

Folding knives can be a selection of men’s birthday gifts if you want to travel long distances and adventures as they can be used for a variety of functional things.

30. Electric Shaver

gift ideas birthday, electric shaver

Electric shaver is suitable if your friend wants to shave his mustache or beard to always look neat. Instead of bothering to manually shave his mustache, you can buy him an electric shaver to keep him looking neat.

How did you imagine what a gift for a man you will give on his birthday. You can give any gift according to your needs and budget. Congratulations on choosing and giving a suitable gift for the above man.

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