How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

To summarize what we talked about last time:

Only by creating a personal brand can you stand out from your competitors in the long run. This will increase your customer base, keep people coming back and make the price free.

The first thing to do is to understand who your target audience is and who you can be for them. What kind of expertise, guidance, help or inspiration can you give them?

Personal branding is about defining who you want to be for your customers when it’s not about money. Branding is about having a long-term impact on your community, whether you book a service today or in a year.

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Your “community” can be defined as: your perfect customers, who appreciate you all the time and help you profile yourself without the money changing hands.

Are you a microbladist artist at home looking for your first clients? A Tanner Spray that dreams of opening a studio, but you need to increase your sales? A hair salon for 10 people you know you need to connect to your community but do not know how?

You need a personal brand.

Build a thriving and loyal community through email marketing

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

I am obsessed with email marketing.

When I send out my monthly newsletters, I get up the next morning with a reflex and run on my computer to find out the open rate (% of my mailing list read the email) and the rate of clicks (in% a clicked link) check my blog posts). It really kills me!

This is because email is the cornerstone of my business. Not only was it a great sales tool for me (I still get several potential email clients during the week of my newsletter), but it’s all about branding for me.

As you saw above, branding is about what you want to be for people who do not pay you. Once you have done this, you must know where to build your community.

Most people view the community as social media. I’m here to show you why emails go beyond social media every time.

Why e-mails are always better than social media

The average engagement rate for Instagram is 10%. This means that only 10% of your subscribers see your messages. Womp womp.

Facebook is even worse! Only 6% of your fans on Facebook will see your posts, and that number is down.

E-mail however … the average rate of opening e-mails is 22%! And unlike social media, this 22% is not just people who pass without thinking. You are actively choosing to open and read your emails.

And that 22% can go much higher. I make e-mail marketing a priority for my company and it is worth it: my monthly newsletter systematically reaches an opening rate between 38% and 43%.

Another thing that shits on social media is (say, it’s a love-hate relationship): you do not have your followers! Instagram and Facebook may choose to change their algorithm or rules every day and you have no control over it. E-mail on the other side … it’s up to you.

Email: the ultimate branding tool

I think the reason many salons hate e-mail marketing and use this too familiar back burner is that they act badly. They consider it as a sales tool.

“Free olaplex treatment with your next color!”

“Bring a friend and you will get both 10% off!”

“Sell retail products, only this week!”

Are these topics familiar? I bet you … because you probably only use email as a sales tool.

Here is a real awakening for you: people hate to be sold.

If you receive a person’s email address, you must treat it as gold. Treat him with respect and treat your followers as friends. Sending an e-mail with subject lines similar to the ones above is like having a friend who sells MLM, which always sends you messages to talk about an incredible opportunity.

Instead, I want you to think of email marketing as a brand tool. It’s the perfect place to talk about yourself, share tips and useful ideas, be a source of inspiration and educator.

If you do this continually, your email list will flourish and you will find a growing fan community that can not wait for your next newsletter.

I know why most salons hate email marketing

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

I understand 100% of the problems that most beauty professionals face when it comes to email marketing. Let me guess that you had at least one of these doubts:

  • E-mail is the old school.
  • It’s hard to get e-mail addresses
  • I have nothing to write
  • Nobody reads my emails
  • Even if they read my emails, they never buy anything
  • It’s super boring
  • I do not like email marketing

If you nod, I understand you. Only 2 years ago, I totally abandoned email marketing. But that’s because I used it as a sales tool. If you have any of these objections, I urge you to take a step back and reevaluate your use of email.

Choosing a brand rather than a business approach takes time and consideration, but once you’ve seen the results, you’ll never go back.

Email marketing is boring only if your emails are boring (they should not be). Email marketing will not work if you are just trying to sell. You do not see the income from your email because you see it badly.

The three questions you probably have by email

Here are the most important questions I constantly ask myself about email marketing:

1) How can I receive e-mail addresses? 2) What should you write on? 3) How can I turn my email subscribers into customers?

I will answer each of these questions and help you get a very clear picture of how your beauty business should use e-mail.

“How can I get a lot of e-mail addresses?”

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

The first step before using email as a branding tool is to first get email addresses.

There are two main sources of email addresses: customers visiting your site and visitors to your site.

In fact, there are countless creative ways to collect e-mail addresses, be they events, contests, or social media. Today, however, we focus on these two big ones.

Remember that subscribers are highly motivated to subscribe when they collect e-mail addresses. This could be a kind of benefit, such as a discount or access to something special (for example, a guide or a free download). You can also motivate them to sign up by signing up for your insider club. Your insider club can be a monthly place to share health and beauty tips. That alone can be a great motivation to sign up!

Second, you should always try to gather the most important information about your subscribers: your first name and date of birth are two great ways to personalize your emails and increase their engagement.

After all, it’s important to include your contact information, no matter who you collect, with your email software as quickly as possible.

Retrieve e-mail addresses of customers who come to your home

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

I really hope that you collect e-mail addresses from your customers, because they would like to hear from you! You already know and love each other and sending regular emails is huge to increase reposting and sales.

If you accept online bookings, I recommend exporting the contact information to an email marketing software such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor.

Online bookings are a way to collect e-mail addresses. What about new customers or new customers who have not booked online? When they are at their rendezvous, the best time to learn their details is the end of their ministry. You can restore them in pencil and paper using the old method by using a tablet on which to insert their information, or simply ask them to leave.

You certainly know the workflow of your customers and employees better than I do. Just make sure your priority is to collect email addresses and contact information.

Always give people a good reason to enter their e-mail address. Explain how to use your contact information, how often you send, and what you send. For example:

  • Once a month we have a newsletter with beauty tips and news
  • We have special discounts or new customer offers that you can not get anywhere else
  • We have an insider club with education on skin and health
  • Treat emails like gold. Be helpful, friendly and helpful. Always give them a good reason to sign up.

Collect e-mail addresses from visitors to your website

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

This is the first way to get people to subscribe to my newsletter. People read articles from my blog and get a pop-up asking if they want to download my free eBook, or a free download is offered at the end of my article. These two things alone have enabled more than 1000 people to appear on my mailing list within a few months!

Nevertheless, I know that most salons do not make blogging a priority, and it’s hard to know what kind of “gifts” you can give to your site in exchange for email addresses.

Here are some free gifts you can offer on the website:

Place a small popup slider in the corner of your website with a discount or special offer

Create an excellent free PDF that you can download for an email address.

  • If you microbladed, this could be the top 10 myths about microblading that no one will tell you.
  • If you spray tan, it could be 5 totally free beauty treatments that will keep your skin young
  • If you are a hairdresser, you can provide 3 simple photos with photos.

Whatever you download, make sure it’s educational or useful and not for sale (can you see an example here?). This can be short, even a page.

You also want to be sure that it attracts the right kind of person. Who are the visitors to your site? What are you interested in? How can you help them or teach them what they would like to hear?

Turn it into a quick and intuitive guide, post it on your website and watch e-mail addresses weaken!

“But what should I write in my emails?”

Once you have found a strategy that will allow you to collect more emails from your ideal types of customers, what are you doing with that?

Personally, I send two types of emails to my “prospects” (I call people who sign up for my emails).

First, I send a set of 5 automated emails, one per week from the registration date. It’s a great way to introduce myself, share my best blog posts and inspire people for Sunnystorm and my brand.

Then I also send my newsletter once a month. These are recent blog posts (like these!) That my subscribers like to read.

Whether you’re sending automated weekly emails or monthly newsletters, you should write about a combination of passion and what your ideal customers want to read.

1. First send an e-mail to introduce yourself

What do you do when you meet someone for the first time? Shake your hand, ask them how they are doing, tell them something about you, maybe tell a joke to break the ice. In general, we want people to like us. And to do that, they need to understand us. So you have to have a degree of openness for yourself.

This also applies to e-mails. E-mail should not be a business. You have to write as a natural person and be yourself.

So, if someone joins your “mailing list,” you’ll want to do just that. Do not introduce yourself as a company, but as a person. Include a funny picture of yourself, random facts about yourself, and a funny story about how you came to this area.

For our sunless tan customer, Mystini, we launched the Mystini Time Club with regular emails.

This first email presents the owner and gives 3 random facts about him:

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

They prepare the ground. From now on, every time you send an e-mail, you know exactly who it’s from. It will come from a friend rather than a company.

You can link to your website below with your social media. But the real purpose of this email is to make them open, read, and connect. So, do not make it too stuffy or formal.

Also, here’s a #protip: Make sure the email does not come from the name of your company. I prefer “Holly from Beauty Workshop” to “Beauty Workshop”. Remember that people connect with you and remember you more as a person than as a business. 

2. Second, send educational emails to introduce yourself as an expert

Education should be an important part of your branding strategy. The question is, what does your target market want to know? And what value or help can you provide? If you qualified as an expert, what would you be expert on?

Healthy lifestyle? Organic and humane products? women’s rights issues? Compatibility of work and family? Veganism? How can you be a powerful entrepreneur?

They have value and meaning that goes beyond what you do in your living room. And that should be reflected in what you share with your community.

As part of the Mystini Time Club, people are also receiving educational emails from this sunless tanning business. We know that the owner’s customers are interested in skin care. One of the emails therefore focuses on tips for beautiful and healthy skin:

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

And here’s the thing: It does not matter if these emails are not sales e-mails, they do not lead to buyers. In fact, it’s so much better. Because as soon as people feel that they are selling, they go out. You open your email, see that it is a sales email and do not open it next time. The third time, they will probably unsubscribe and you lost them.

1. Entertain and inspire your mailing list

When entertaining and inhaling, speak the language of your community and say that you understand it. Her sense of humor, her fears, her worries, which makes her smile. Show photos of yourself, be natural, short and yourself.

Here’s how 30 days of branding strategy in e-mail marketing is:


= One month of community, communication and connection

Once you have created a story and provided valuable content, your email list will always try to hear you and open your emails.

The main benefit of automated emails is that you have them set up and done. You must never touch these emails again.

This brings me to the second part of the e-mail equation:

Consistency is the key: send new monthly newsletters

I know it’s going to be a tough fight, but I promise you’ll make it a habit and actually like to send e-mails. Add it to your calendar: Submit a new newsletter every month.

Here are some additional ideas that you could write in your newsletters:

  • A new seasonal photo of you with news from your life
  • Your best Instagram picture of the month
  • A message to a customer or a profile about it
  • A “valuable piece” that you’ve never shared before, even a paragraph or a list of the “Top 10”
  • Profile of some of your favorite businesses or events in the community
  • Pictures of some of your favorite products

Again, the purpose is to be a leader, educator, and communicator who is in tune with your church.

The owner of Mystini, one of our clients, had never sent an e-newsletter to their customer list. She wanted to find a way to communicate with these people and keep them in mind, even if they did not come regularly to tan.

So we’ve created a newsletter with 5 funny updates from her and her company:

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

The first newsletter of Mystini was a success! Sara was more connected than ever to her list of clients. Some of these people had not heard from her for months and now she has greeted and invited her to learn more about her life and business. She immediately received an email from several people, noting how much they liked the newsletter.

We also had an opening rate of 38%. Remember, the average is 22%, which is amazing! As a bonus, she immediately made several bookings for a tan.

But even people who have not booked immediately are more than ever connected to Sara. She is at the head of her mind and she is personal, kind and instructive.

“How can I turn my email subscribers into customers?”

One thing to keep in mind is that branding and building a community is not money. They are not immediately. They are more like love. They are more like relationships. Branding is a longer-term game. Not everyone is ready for a tan or haircut right now. But who will they go to when they are ready? The person who has always provided valuable advice, entertainment and inspiration.

Having said that, there are ways to get people moving in that direction without having to go to the open market. For example, look what we find in each email from Mystini:

How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Email Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals

So you can be there for them when they are ready to make an appointment, but there is no pressure or sale. It’s a great way to stick to your list while easily moving it to an appointment.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that if you keep a sales, advertising or business tone (as you say) in your emails, people go out.

They get angry at your emails. They will stop opening them. You can unsubscribe. And you have lost her forever.

Instead, follow these steps to create a personal magnetic brand through email marketing. You’ll find a large group of dedicated fans waiting for your next newsletter.

Download Instructions: How to Configure E-mail Automation in Mailchimp in 5 Easy Steps

I love email automation because you can introduce yourself, train new customers, and get excited about email marketing – all on the autopilot.

Set up a few e-mails and automate them so they are sent to your new e-mail subscribers on a weekly basis … and VOILA! Your personal brand will be automatically created for you.

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