How to Create Free and Paid Blog on WordPress

Did you know that more than 30 percent of websites in the world are made using WordPress? Yes, this blogger platform does have many enthusiasts because it is easy to use and has a variety of features that can be used to maximize the content that you have created. Are you interested in becoming a blogger? Here’s how to create a blog on WordPress free or paid that you need to know!

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How to Create a Free WordPress Blog

How to Create Free and Paid Blog on WordPress

Previously, you need to know that there are 2 types of WordPress that can be used. Namely Instant WordPress and WordPress Install. For Instant WordPress, you can get it by visiting the page while the WordPress Install you need to download on the site. The way to use Instant WordPress.

  • Open after lam has been opened perfectly, please fill in the name of the blog to your liking. You need to know that the name of this blog can only be used by one person, so if the name you use turns out to have been filled by someone else, then WordPress will directly reject the name that you submitted.
  • After the blog name is approved by WordPress, you will be asked to fill in forms such as e-mail, username (username), and password.
  • After all the forms have been successfully completed and accepted by WordPress, then scroll down and click the ‘Create Blog’ button to create a free blog version. After that, WordPress will send an e-mail to confirm.
  • Until you create a blog on WordPress, all you have to do is adjust your wordpress from the blog title, slogan, to the theme.
  • After that, you can connect your WordPress with social media.

How to Create a Paid WordPress Blog

How to Create Free and Paid Blog on WordPress
  • If you are interested in using a paid website with WordPress, you should first prepare a domain and hosting that has previously been purchased. After that, please visit CPANEL and log in with your domain and password.
  • Then scroll and find ‘Softaculus’ and click on the image section and select the WordPress section.
  • Later a page will appear to install WordPress.
  • Immediately fill out the form that will be used for your paid WordPress. You can choose to use www or http: //. As for the domain, it will be filled automatically with the domain name that has been purchased by you before.
  • Scroll through the page to the bottom and find the ‘progress bar’. Wait until the installation is complete and shows 100%.
  • The notification “Congratulation The Software was Installed Succesfully” will appear later.
  • Then you just click on the “Administrative URL”.
  • That way, how to create a paid Blog on WordPress is done.

Advantages of Paid WordPress

You might be wondering, why use paid WordPress for free and easy to use. However, there are some advantages that can only be felt by those of you who use paid WordPress. Among other things, this blog will be entirely yours so that Google has no right to delete your blog.

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In addition, paid WordPress also looks more professional. Those who are willing to spend money to have a personal WordPress will certainly look more exclusive than the free ones. And by using a private domain, your page will be more easily remembered and trusted by visitors.

Well, because using WordPress is paid, you will get a free plugin to make your blogging activities easier and optimize SEO better.

So which is the most interesting for you, paid WordPress or do you still want the free ones? Whatever your most important decision is to be diligent in creating positive and useful content for many people, of course.

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