How to hide Android smartphone applications

Many Unused Applications on your Cellphone? This is the easiest way to hide it

Smartphones like Android and iPhone have many applications. Sometimes from many of these applications you don’t need all the points. Therefore many people are looking for ways to hide applications. The application is hidden in order to make the display simpler and also makes it easier for you to find other applications.

If you are an Android smartphone owner, then you are familiar with some default point applications, for example applications from Google and other applications that are supporters or sponsors of the point of application sometimes will not use and make the memory full. We recommend that you do not use applications that are not used.

How to hide Android smartphone applications

Some ways to hide applications on Android smartphones include using the settings menu and also using a third-party Launcher application. The following is a more complete explanation.

1. Hide Default Applications with the Settings Menu

How to hide Android smartphone applications

The first way to hide applications is to use the settings menu. Applications that can be hidden this way are usually default applications that were installed when we first turned on an Android smartphone. The complete way to hide default applications from the settings menu is as follows:

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• First you have to do is open the settings menu.

• After this settings menu opens, Scroll to the bottom to find the application or apps settings. Tap on the submenu.

• After that you will see a list of applications installed on your Android smartphone, scroll until you find the application you want to hide.

• Tap on the application you want to hide to see full options. On the page that displays application details there is an option to disable the application and also force the application to stop.

• Tap on the option to disable or disable the application. Click Yes when prompted for confirmation.

If the default application is hidden in this way, you can no longer use the application and cannot update the application.

2. Hiding Applications by Using Apex Launcher

How to hide Android smartphone applications

To hide the second application, you can use Launcher from third-party point Apex Launcher is one of them. Are you curious about how to hide applications using Apex Launcher? The following explanation:

• The first thing you have to do is make sure that your Android smartphone has Apex Launcher installed. If Apex Launcher is not installed on Android, download it from the Google Play Store.

• Wait a few moments until Google completes the download and installation of the Apex Launcher application on your smartphone.

• Open the Apex Launcher application then make it the default Launcher on your mobile via the settings application.

• Go to the home page or home, then long press on the home screen or home screen. After you press the Old Then the options will appear namely Apex settings.

• Scroll to the bottom until you find the hidden apps selection

• By default, hidden apps are still empty. You can choose several applications to hide by tapping the “Add Hidden Apps” option at the bottom.

• After that you can choose what applications you want to hide, mark the applications you choose.

3. Hiding Applications by Using Microsoft Launcher

How to hide Android smartphone applications

Microsoft, which is already known as a technology company, also launched an application called Microsoft Launcher. You can choose this launcher from Microsoft if you want a different look from the default Launcher on your Android smartphone. One feature that is owned by Microsoft Launcher is to hide the application, here are the complete steps:

• First, make sure your Android smartphone is installed with Microsoft Launcher. If not, you can download and install this application from the Google Play Store for free.

• When the application is installed, set Microsoft Launcher as your mobile phone’s default Launcher. To set this Launcher can be found in the settings menu as usual.

• Go to the start page by pressing the home button, continue by opening the main menu or apps drawer.

• In the upper right you will find point 3 which is useful for displaying choices. There you can see app drawer settings, hide drawer settings, hidden apps, and Add apps to the homescreen.

• Choose the hidden apps, you will see a window that contains the application that you have hidden. If it’s still empty you can press on the blue button in the middle of the screen that says hide apps.

• Mark the application you want to hide, if you want to restore the application that was hidden earlier you can use the unhide selection button.

How to hide applications in Microsoft Launcher is very similar to Apex Launcher. You can choose which Launcher you prefer.

4. Hiding Applications by Using Nova Launcher

How to hide Android smartphone applications

Nova Launcher is one of the favorite launcher applications on the Google Play Store. Nova Launcher was chosen because of its lightweight application so that it does not burden the performance of Android smartphones. The features that are owned by Nova Launcher are also more complete than some of the default launchers.

How to hide applications using Nova Launcher is slightly different from the two third-party launchers discussed earlier. The way to hide applications in Nova Launcher is more to disguise so people do not know the actual application that we have edited. The following is a full explanation:

• Download the Nova Launcher application through the Google play store on your mobile. If you already have the Nova Launcher application before, you can skip this step directly and go to the second step.

• Open the main menu of Nova Launcher which displays all the applications installed on your Android.

• Select the application that you want to hide or want to disguise, long cough on the application icon to bring up the selection.

• Choose edit or icon in the form of a pencil.

• You can change the name of the application to whatever you want.

• Not only that, you can also change the icon of the application that you were going to hide earlier. You can choose icons from the gallery or by pressing the built-in option so that you can use icons from applications that are pre-installed.

4 ways to hide the above applications you can apply on your Android mobile. This method also tends to be safer because you don’t need to rooting. Rooting an Android can remove the warranty and also threaten Android’s security because it’s easier to infiltrate a virus.

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