How to Make A Website Using WorPress

How to Make A Website Using WordPress – Do you want to create a website? Starting a website can be a terrible thing especially when you don’t really understand technical things. Don’t worry, because in this article we will discuss How to Make A Website Using WordPress. Actually there are many platforms to make websites. Then, why do we choose wordpress?

WordPress is the most popular CMS or website creation platform in the world. More than 30 percent of websites in the world are made using WordPress. WordPress can be so popular because of its easy use and complete features when you want to know about How to Make A Website Using WordPress.

WordPress users are not limited to personal bloggers. Many large companies entrust WordPress as a platform for creating their websites. SONY Music, Bata, Mercedes Benz, The New York Times Company, and The Walt Disney are some examples of well-known companies that use WordPress.

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How to Make A Website Using WordPress – The more WordPress users, the more WordPress optimization tutorials and tips are spread on the internet. WordPress user forums are scattered on the internet. WordPress tutorials are easy to find also. It help to learn how to create a website using WordPress.

However, you need to know the difference between VS

The basic difference between the two lies in the actual host. If you use, you don’t need to bother spending money on hosting and domains for websites because it’s already provided directly from WordPress for free. However, the facilities at are limited. Your domain must be custom from WordPress, which is behind, for example (

Different from the free version, provides flexibility and various other facilities. You can have a website with your own domain like, can determine storage capacity as needed, can install plugins, put AdSense ads, and install any theme.

Well, here is How to Make A Website Using WordPress

1 Choosing a Hosting and Domain

How to Make A Website Using WordPress – Before you choose a domain name, it’s a good idea to make sure what niche you want to target. Choosing a focus from your website can help you ensure that your website are relevant and helpfull if you plan to make money from your website.

You can register various domain names, here are some points that can be considered

• Business website.

If you create a website for your business, it will certainly be better if your domain is the name of your company or brand.

• Personal website.

If this is a personal website – for example a portfolio website, you can use your own name.

• Website hobby.

If you want to make a website about your hobby, for example, you like coffee and want to make a website that contains coffee reviews, you can search for domain names that are related to your hobby.

Popular domain extensions are .com, .org, and, .net. But in recent years, there have also been domain names that have unique extensions like .ninja or .pizza.

If this is your first website, it’s a good idea to use “normal” extensions such as .com, .net, and .org. The unique domain extension above is arguably not included in the mainstream and if you use it, it can confuse visitors.

The next step is to choose a domain name. A domain name is the URL someone types when they want to visit a website in the address bar of the browser. Having the right domain name is arguably quite important. Here are some things that might help you determine your domain name :

• Short.

Short names may work better than long names. This will make your URL easy to remember.

• Brandable.

Don’t forget that your domain name will also be your brand name.

• Memorable.

Try to make a name that is easy to remember – even by those who have just visited your website once.

• Catchy.

Of course a catchy name will make you easy to remember.

• Specific to the niche.

If you write a website that has a specific niche, try checking whether there are words or abbreviations related to niche that you can use. For example, with WordPress there are many websites that have WP letters on the URL that get high rankings on search engines.

For the hosting, there are four types of hosting that you can choose, namely Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS), Dedicated Server Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. To read more about hosting and a complete guide so you don’t choose the wrong one, you can read the article on 5 Tips to get Hosting with low budget.

2 Configuring WordPress

WordPress Admin Screens

> Visit

> Enter the username and password that you entered during the WordPress installation process

How to Make A Website Using WorPress

Your WordPress admin menu will be available on the left side of your screen. If you direct your cursor to one of the menus, they will show the existing sub-menu.

Following are the menus available on the WordPress dashboard:

• Dashboard

• Posts

• Media

• Links

• Pages

• Comments

• Appearance

• Plugins

• Users

• Tools

• Settings

This might seem confusing, but these are things that will help you run your website.

3 Set the appearance of your website and activate the WordPress theme

Themes – Appearance> Themes.

On the menu section, select Appearances> Themes.

How to Make A Website Using WorPress

Then click the “Add New” button at the top. Choose one of the available themes or look for the specific theme you want to use. Install one of the themes that you like and activate the theme.

After you install the theme, you can customize a theme. You can do this by clicking Appearance> Customize. In this menu, you can edit the display, color, font, etc. But if you don’t want to change these things it’s okay.

Widgets – Appearance> Widgets

Widgets are modules or a collection of pre-made code to add additional functions to your website. You can put widgets in the sidebar, footers, and headers.

How to Make A Website Using WorPress

As you know above, you can directly enter the widget you want into the sidebar on the right. The number of widgets that can be displayed depends on the theme you are using.

How to Make A Website Using WordPress – Keep in mind that widgets are not plugins. They are just codes that help you show what you want. Widgets can help with navigation, sometimes with social media, and you can even use HTML for widgets Text to add what text you want to appear in your sidebar. Widgets are very useful, but it takes time to learn.

Menus – Appearance> Menus

Menus is one of the important features in every website. The menu on your website helps visitors navigate the website and the content of your website. Of course you don’t want it if your content is already very good but no one reads it because visitors have trouble searching for its contents. Poor menus and navigation usually make your bounce rate high. (Bounce rate is the number of visitors in the percentage who leave your website only after one opens a page.)

Nowadays almost all websites have menus at the top or side or even under their website. You can easily add this feature to your website.

In this menu you can put several pages like “About”, “Blog”, “Contact”, and “Service”. You can add any page you want on your menu. The number of menus and placement usually depends on what theme you are using.

It is recommended to make a menu, you make sure that your menu:

• Minimal and clear

• Tell visitors what you offer on your website

• Easy to find by website visitors

Background – Appearance> Background

Most websites choose to use white as their website background. Indeed white background itself is becoming a website design trend because the white background makes visitors focus on the content of the website itself. However, you are certainly free to choose what background you feel represents your brand.

4 Add a plugin

Plugins> Add New

Plugins are scripts and codes written to perform a specific function on your website. One of the most commonly used plugins on a website is the social sharing plugin. This plugin helps you to share your content to various social media accounts so that many people can see the content. Not only that, people have also developed plugins for SEO, security reasons, making portfolios, creating forms on websites, and even caching. You can find various types of plugins for various uses.

How to Make A Website Using WorPress

After you click Plugins> Add New, you will see the screen below:

How to Make A Website Using WorPress

Referred to as the plugin directory, here you can find plugins that you feel you need for your website. You just enter the name of the plugin in the search box on the top right. Or you can read articles about how to install the plugin for more information

5 Adding Pages

Pages> Add New

Pages on websites help divide your website into the pages needed to present various parts of your site’s content. With pages, you can create special template styles that can be used for various purposes that require the same or similar designs. Pages are content that is more than just a post and is used for specific purposes on your site. You can create a special page for Contact Us or create a landing page.

To add pages, you just need to go to your website dashboard, select Pages on the left, and then click Add new. After that, you can immediately compile your new page.

How to Make A Website Using WorPress

6 Adding Content

You may often hear the term that content is king. Nowadays, there are many websites that discuss the same topics. Your content should be as attractive as possible so that people read it. There are many more websites now that have ever existed before.

So based on your site’s niche and expertise, you need to produce content that truly offers value to readers. If you intend to create a site that is purely for monetary purposes, it won’t work in the long run. Do not rush. Usually it takes time before you can profit from your content. So focus on creating good content. Choose your niche and offer good value to your readers.

So how do you publish your content on WordPress? What formats are available to you other than plain text?

Posts – Posts> Add New

Content can be considered the heart of your site. You don’t need to worry because WordPress has a posting mechanism that is very easy to use and this is one reason, very popular.

You have two ways to write your posts are a visual editor and HTML editor. You can choose to use a visual editor to get started. If you have an understanding of HTML, an HTML editor (called a text editor) can really help you make the right format for your posts.

The visual editor is very similar to most text editors and allows you to add bold / italic effects to your text, change the font, add bulleted lists and numbered lists, synchronize content differently and add hyperlinks. There is also a hassle-free writing mode that gives you the fullscreen version of the editor.

Categories – Posts> Categories

Categories are a means to share your content. Categories are more important when your site publishes content on various topics. You can add categories from your post editor or you can access them on Posts> Category.

Now you can name the category to make it and you can add slug which is basically a URL that is added for all your site posts in a particular category. So, this is a very effective way to share your site’s content and find something on your site easier for visitors.

Tags (Posts> Tags)

Tags are very similar to categories, except that each post generally has its own set of tags. Tags are usually more specific than categories but separately they both help visitors find your content more easily.

Media (Media> Add New)

Media like in photos and videos are important for ordinary websites. They are even more for heavy media websites. Adding media is very easy with WordPress. You can add media from the post or add media directly to the media library.

You can add image titles, captions, descriptions to images. But it is also important that you also add alt text that helps search engines recognize your image. This is a small step in ensuring good SEO (How To Optimize WordPress SEO) optimization.

Your profile

Setting up your WordPress profile is easy. You can edit your profile from “Edit Your Profile” in your WordPress admin screen in the top right corner. You can put your description and add social media links.

To add a profile picture for your WordPress ID, you must have a Gravatar account. You need an account from that can enter your site’s admin panel.


Creating a perfect website is not an easy task. A perfect website requires continuous time and maintenance to stay that way. There is always something to optimize, trends to try, and security issues to worry about. If you plan to be in business for years to come, prepare yourself. Your site will drop at some point for some unknown reason; the code and design will grow old at some point; and you will find a bug with time. But by using WordPress, you can take care of most of these things easily. WordPress also has strong support so you will definitely be helped every time you have difficulty managing and configuring your website. Hopefully this guide can help you to start your website!

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