How to Upload Photos to Google Easily

Saving photos on Google can provide 2 benefits. First for personal data backups, such as family photos, photos with school friends, etc. Second, to share images to the public with certain keywords. The second way is usually done to introduce the product, or general pictures. To do this, of course, you need to upload photos to Google appropriately

2 of the above must be noted because one is personal data, while the other is the data to be published. So, to ensure that personal data is not uploaded to the public or vice versa, it is necessary to know how to upload photos safely

How to safely upload photos to Google?

Before starting this tutorial, first make sure that you already have an active Google account. It is intended that the photos you upload can be stored in the account. Google provides 15 GB of storage for free for Google account owners. Here there will be 2 tutorial sections, i.e. upload photos for personal data backup and upload photos for public access

How To Upload Photos For Personal Data Backup

1. Google Photos on Android

How to Upload Photos to Google Easily

To be able to backup your photo and video data on a cellphone, some settings on your Android device can be done. The goal is to save photos that you store in internal storage to your Google Photo account. So when the photo is deleted, the backup file is already in the default Google application. To do this, consider the following steps:

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• Open the Google Photo application on the smartphone

• Login to your Google Account

• In the upper left side, click Menu (symbol 3 lines in line)

• Select Settings / Settings> Backup & Synchronization

• Click Backup & Synchronization to enable or disable it

• If the memory is too full, scroll down and turn off Backup & Synchronization

2. Google Photos on a Computer

In addition to using Android, you can also backup your photos to Google Photos manually on a computer. To do this, follow these steps:

• Open a browser and visit the Google site

• Login to your Google Account

• At the top right, click Google Application (Dotted square)

• Select Photos

• You will be directed to the Google Photos page

• To the right of the search field, click the Upload button> Computer

• Select all photos that you want to backup to Google Photos

•             Done. You just have to wait for the upload process to finish

3. Upload to Google Drive

How to Upload Photos to Google Easily

Google Drive is Google’s cloud-based storage medium. With this application, you can access files that you store in Drive by downloading it. If Google Photos can only store photo and video files only, but Drive can store more file types. To do this, see the following way:

• Open a browser and log in to your Google Account

• On the Google page, click the Google Apps menu in the upper right corner in the form of dots in the shape of a square

• Select Drive or the triangle symbol with green, yellow and blue sides

• After entering the Drive page, click + New

• Select Upload File and select the photo you want to upload from the computer

• Wait until the upload process stops

•             Done. Now your photos have been successfully saved in Google Drive

How To Upload Photos For Public Access

If you want a photo that you upload to appear on a Google search page, what you have to do is not just one or two steps. You have to know a lot of things and apply some pretty long steps. Because it will be related to SEO, keywords, Google’s algorithm, etc. Here, a few outlines will be explained

1. Create a Website

How to Upload Photos to Google Easily

If analogous to the real world, the website is a shop. Where he has an address, has a display and can be visited by anyone if allowed. On the website, you can put various things so that guests or visitors are interested to come. Starting from articles, videos, documents or photos. All elements in the website can be indexed by Google and appear on Search Engines

If you want your photos to be accessible or uploaded to Google. One way is to put your photos on the website. In order for Google search engines to easily find your photo, here are tips you can practice:

• Name the photo in accordance with the picture. If it’s a bag photo, then name the photo with “bag, jpg” or “women’s knitting bag.jpg”. More specific is better

• Usually, on the website you will find the Attachment Details column. Fill in the URL, Title, Caption and Description sections in full on the photo you uploaded

• Make sure the website or photos that you upload on the website are accessible to everyone. If you restrict or even private your website or photos, it is unlikely that your photos will appear in Google’s search listings

• Insert your photo in the article or page category that is relevant or related.

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2. Share Photos on Social Media

How to Upload Photos to Google Easily

Website can indeed maximize images / photos so that it can come out in Google’s search list. However, social media is sometimes also able to contribute to photos displayed in Google’s search listings. The following will explain the conditions that must be considered:

• Photos must be interesting to share. If more and more people share your photos. Then, the higher the chances of getting out on Google search listings

• Almost the same as the website, make sure the topic you raise is in accordance with the photos you share

• Share on various social media platforms. If possible, post on big social media like Facebook, IG, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

How to upload photos to Google above has divided the purpose of uploading photos into two parts. If you want to upload photos for data backup purposes, you can apply Google Photo. However, if you want to be accessible to the public, then you can apply to create a website and share on social media

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