10 Photography Poses for Girls

10 Photography Poses Girl – When taking pictures of girls you may think of the usual, arm pose, leg pose, back pose and face-lift. However there are many poses that a normal camera lens can’t take and that can add that special something to your pictures that you might not have thought about before. Some of these are very playful and others may be more thought provoking. Here are some of my favourite photo shoots from last year which I thought would make good Christmas holiday presents for all my friends:

This one was taken by Simon Davis, who is an excellent photographer. He knows how to position himself to get the right angle and position his girl in the right place so she looks her best for him to take the perfect photo. He has a wonderful style and his photography poses are very attractive. He positions his girl in almost any way you like but I particularly love his close-up portrait style. The girl is so full of life in his shots that she looks like she could bounce really off the walls!

This one was taken by Thomas Lyle, who is one of my favourite new photographer. He really knows his stuff when it comes to taking quality photos. He also loves to capture the moment so you have the camera angles and lighting perfectly. This is a great candid shot from the point of view of the girl, so you get to see her face and her expressions while taking the photos.

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This is one of my favourite holiday photographs. This girl had on a beautiful red dress that looked quite expensive and at the end of the day she looked gorgeous. I asked her if we could do something different with her dress, something that would enhance the way she looked and her personality so it ended up being this pose with her legs apart and her arms above her head. It’s called the three-quarter pose and if done correctly will look like she is just standing on one leg but her eyes are high and her head is held up.

This pose is another favourite of mine. This is when I usually take several images at different times of the day because I am always changing around. This is a very simple pose but one that I know is going to make her look good. She has on a black top and blue shorts and has her legs apart. Take note of her stomach as this will also help you when you are taking her.

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This is one of my favourite poses for a photo shoot. This girl is in her swimsuit. She has her arms on the sides but looks straight ahead. This is where I usually play around with different angles so I can get the best result. It may be easier for you to angle down slightly as her bottom touches the ground and it make it look even more natural.

Now, this is one of the most difficult poses but it can also be one of the most flattering. This is done on a beach with a large wooden ship. The girl is lying face up and her knees are bent to one side with her feet hanging off the ground. You want to make sure that you have your back straight and your chin up as this will really accentuate her face.

These are just a few props to use for photo shoots. There are many poses to try and master. If you are still at a loss and do not know what pose to use, ask a friend or loved one what they think she would look good in. Keep trying until you find one you are comfortable with then keep practicing.

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