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The arrival of the rainy season is viewed negatively by most novice photographers. Even if they know the technique, taking pictures in the rain can produce cool and fun photos. Do not be afraid of the camera conceding water, there are a lot of equipment to support you shooting when it rains. Remember rain is not an obstacle for photographers.

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If you are interested in photographing when it rains, here are tips on taking pictures in the rainy season that you need to know. Let’s we learn it and be relax with Drink Coffee.

  1. Bring a protector for the camera and other equipment

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The first thing needed to make good photos is good equipment and in top condition. Therefore, before shooting in the rainy season, you must prepare a bag or protector for a DSLR camera. You need to carry a number of additional accessories such as a waterproof bag to protect the camera, lenses and other electronic equipment. This will be easy because there are so many accessories and waterproof bags for DSLR cameras. Noteworthy also, don’t let your equipment get moist. So prepare a dry cloth always to wipe the camera and lens.

As a photographer you also have to protect yourself. You can use a raincoat or waterproof jacket. Try the jacket and camera bag that you carry not blocking your movements when shooting. Again, don’t forget to bring a dry bag and dry cloth.

  1. Be patient

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Shooting when it rains does require patience. Instead of getting good moments, sometimes you find even worse weather. Then prepare yourself not to get bored. Always be aware of unexpected moments.

  1. Use image stabilization or tripod

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Tips for shooting in the rainy season which is quite important is the stability of the camera. Cloudy makes lighting less. As a result of photographing an object you will use a slow shutter speed so that the subject is captured properly. Then you should use optical image stabilization mode or tripod so that the camera is more stable in shooting subjects with slow shutter. This is also useful if you want to shoot raindrops. You can preview photos of raindrops.

  1. Choose a large aperture

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If you take landscape photos, you certainly need to go into the picture. So many photographers use a small aperture. This is different if you take pictures in the rainy season. Because you will shoot in low light conditions, so that the photo looks good, you can use a large aperture.

  1. Playing the subject’s focus

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Shooting a subject in the rain is interesting. Tips for shooting in the rainy season that you can apply is to play the fkjocus of the subject. You can take photos 2-3 times to find different focus and deep images. You can also change the center point of the photo so that the subject looks different. Especially with the dim conditions of light, you need to make a breakthrough so that your photos are interesting.

  1. Always recheck the photos you have taken

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A digital camera may have a little trouble distinguishing colors when weather conditions are not friendly. Especially if the rain conditions are foggy, usually the camera produces too dark or underexposure photos. When it comes to lightning, sometimes the camera produces brighter photos. So, tips for shooting in the rainy season, you should always check the results of the photos you took. Because the photos presented on a DSLR camera monitor are sometimes not the same as the actual conditions. Sometimes the monitor looks dark even though the original conditions look bright.

  1. Pay attention to Exposure

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You must pay attention to the exposure. Your DSLR camera might produce photos that are brighter or darker that don’t match what your eyes see right away. Then you need to set the photo exposure right. You can make photos brighter by increasing EV. You can make dark photos by reducing EV. You can also use the camera histogram so that the exposure is more accurate. But do not forget to reset the EV again if the light conditions are bright when it rains.

  1. Enter the surrounding elements

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Shooting tips in the rainy season, you can enter the surrounding elements to enrich the photo. You can insert objects other than the main subject to reinforce rain conditions. For example, if you take a photo under an umbrella, you can try to take a picture until the umbrella you are using appears.

  1. Use reflections around

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When it rains, sometimes there is a puddle of water that can be a kind of reflection. You can photograph reflections in the windshield. Take advantage of reflections that arise due to rain. You should not use flash.

  1. No need to take pictures directly under the rain

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Good photos not always to be done directly in the pouring rain. You can take pictures from behind a home window, office, even in a car. To be sure, make sure when shooting there is no barrier. When in a vehicle, make sure the car window is clean and not bouncing.

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