8 Smart Methods to Reduce Gadgets Use in Children

In 2020, gadgets are no longer devices that are only used by adults. Even toddlers are already familiar with gadgets like smartphones and tablets for their toys. this is considered not good for children’s growth. So that children do not become addicted to gadgets, parents should understand how to reduce the use of gadgets in children.

It is undeniable, when we are busy with homework we often give gadgets to children so they are not fussy. even though this way will make children feel addicted or addicted to playing gadgets. Children should actively play outside and play other games that involve more motor skills.

8 Ways to Reduce the Use of Gadgets in Children of Slang Parents

1. Determine Schedule to Play Gadgets

8 Smart Methods to Reduce Gadgets Use in Children

as parents today, we cannot forbid children from playing gadgets at all. The point we can do is limit the time for children to play gadgets. The maximum time for a child to play the gadget is determined based on his age.

A newborn child up to 18 months should be kept away from exposure to any gadget. while children aged 2 to 5 years should play gadgets less than 1 hour per day. The gadget here is not only smartphones and tablets. Television also includes gadgets that should be limited to children. If a child is exposed too much by gadgets, his growth and development will not be optimal.

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2. Give Advice and Explanation, Don’t Just Prohibit!

8 Smart Methods to Reduce Gadgets Use in Children

Typical children when getting a ban from parents is to be curious and want to try. Therefore, as parents we must not only give restrictions to children. When we give an example to children without speaking, the child will follow what we do.

When at home, as much as possible avoid playing point gadgets. Spend more time playing with point children when there are important matters such as work related, as much as possible do not do it in front of children. Give an explanation that is easily understood by children related to the use of gadgets.

3. Parents as Role Models

8 Smart Methods to Reduce Gadgets Use in Children

Parents are the most influential example of a child’s life. Children will imitate what their parents do. So, we have to give examples of good behavior and habits to children. As much as possible keep the gadget away from you while at home.

If you can not escape or far from the gadget, the possibility of this habit will decrease to your child. children make parents as their role models. so whatever you do will be emulated by your own child.

4. Wisely supervise the content consumed by children

8 Smart Methods to Reduce Gadgets Use in Children

Children whose age is less than 13 years old still need full supervision from parents. Similarly, the content consumed by children from cyberspace. As parents we should direct children to the content that educates.

Avoid children from negative content that is not relevant to their age. Examples of content that is not good for children such as games that contain elements of violence, watching that is too adult, and other things that are not suitable for consumption by children under 13 years.

5. Limit Location for Playing Gadgets

8 Smart Methods to Reduce Gadgets Use in Children

To reduce the use of gadgets in children, we can also limit the locations where children can play gadgets. For example children can only play gadgets in the playroom only. We must not be taken to the dining table and bedroom. This limitation on playing area must also be balanced with restrictions on playing time.

In this way, we teach children not to be addicted to gadgets. This electronic device may only be played in certain places. That is, children’s interactions with other residents of the house are not disrupted.

6. Always Accompany Children when Playing Gadgets

8 Smart Methods to Reduce Gadgets Use in Children

It has been said in the previous point that children under the age of 13 still need full parental supervision. For this reason, we must always accompany our children and younger siblings when playing gadgets. This is done to prevent children from accessing content that they shouldn’t.

Accompanying children when playing gadgets can also improve children’s discipline. For example, when children have played gadgets for more than 1 hour, we can remind them more easily when we accompany them.

7. Teach Children to Use Social Media Wisely

When children have reached the age of 12 years or 13 years, they are already allowed to have their own social media. so we can not just let the child out of our control. Children at this age are still very unstable. teach children about the importance of using social media wisely.

Also give understanding to children about privacy. including what things can be shared and cannot be shared on social media. Children are also susceptible to cyberbullying. That is why we must closely monitor the behavior of our children on social media and in the real world.

8. Explain to Children about the Dangers and Risks of the Internet

The internet provides many benefits for people’s lives. But not a few of the dangers and risks posed by the internet. The risks and dangers of this internet will increase if we do not understand how to prevent it.

Provide education and explanation to children about the dangers and risks of the internet. This we must do so that children can use the internet safely. Of course we have to explain in very simple language possible so that children easily understand.

Having children in the modern era like now is indeed more difficult. As parents, we must understand very well what technology is booming. Supervision and ways to reduce the use of gadgets in children must also always be improved to avoid negative influences.

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