14 SEO Tools to Optimizer Websites

Google, as the largest and most widely used search engine today has its own way of looking at the quality of content on the website. Google will choose the most relevant website or content to display for search results. The system is so complicated that indeed in the end makes Google have to repeatedly update their system algorithms. Which can make the website owners confused, want to be taken where the website content this time?

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But don’t worry. Below are 15 free SEO software that can be used to “peek” how Google sees the quality of content from a site. Let’s learn while Drink Coffee.


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You can increase blog rankings on Google while making it an online marketing tool. This tool will tell you what you need to do in the form of a simple task on the dashboard. Without taking a long time, the ranking of the website will gradually increase as long as you consistently do website optimization. RankingCoach can help you analyze and monitor your website to stay on top.

2. Google Webmaster Tools


 With this software, users can analyze a content by entering a URL. It will appear, whether the content meets SEO standards from Google or even has poor quality. Every week, users get a “quota” using the fetch URL feature up to 500 times.

3. Check My Links


This tool is an extension for the Google Chrome browser. A quality content is also valued by Google from external or internal links contained in a post. And this one tool helps to ensure all links included in the content are still active. The active link will be green, and the link that is inactive and no longer functioning will be red.

4. Moz Pro Tools


By subscribing to Moz Pro Tools, users are routinely given resources for some software that is useful for improving website performance. Moz Pro Tools also has a source option that helps users optimize SEO on content. Besides that there is also a source for increasing traffic, to analyze which content does not have quality according to the standard.

5. SEO Report Card

SEO Report Card is a tool from UpCity that compares one website with another website. Not only that, by providing a little information and contact, the SEO Report Card will also provide several other features, such as:

Rank Analysis             : shows the ranking of websites on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This rating is determined from the keywords given when starting to set Rank Analysis.

Link Building              : shows any website that provides a backlink for your website.

On-Site Analysis         : analyze the main keywords, and how large the percentage of keywords is throughout the content on the website

Website Accessibility : this feature focuses on showing website loading speed and easy access

Trust Metrics              : analysis of whether the website is reliable or not

Current Indexing        : analyze how many pages on a website that have been indexed properly

6. HubSpot’s Website Grader

In 2007, HubSpot released a tool that could analyze SEO usage and SEO relevance for the entire website. Besides also finding opportunities to improve SEO on the site.

HubSpot makes Website Grader an SEO tool with a more personalized report system. The report will later be based on the key metrics as below:

Performance              : analyzes the size of each page on the site, speed, and so on.

Mobile Readiness       : ensures the website is quite mobile friendly and can be accessed easily through the mobile version.

SEO                             : will analyze whether the website is easily found by visitors or bots. This analysis is based on the title of the content, as well as a thorough analysis of the meta descriptions of the site.

Security                      : ensuring the site already has a recommended security system. One of them already has an SSL certificate so that visitors are safe giving personal information.

The advantage of using this tool is the ease and practicality provided. Users simply enter the URL address and email to get a complete analysis.

7. SEO Site Checkup

SiteCheckup SEO sends information about how you can fix problems they find related to SEO, such as speed, security, and mobile-friendliness. You simply enter the URL to see your website’s SEO performance.

The free version allows you to check up five times a day, even though you have to create a free account to check more than one website every day. If you need more than 300 reports per month for three websites, you have to buy a paid package.

This site offers a free 14-day trial, so you can feel it first. Be sure to see the “free tools” menu option at the top of the site.

8. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This tool is a favorite of search marketers. Not only because it has an easy-to-use appearance and function, this tool also analyzes all aspects of SEO from a URL. Starting from development, effectiveness, to opportunities in SEO. As well as analyzing problems, and deficiencies that exist in the content relating to the use of keywords, links, and many others.

Another advantage, Screaming Frog SEO Spider users can move the analysis results in excel form at any time. So if you combine these tools with other tools, for example with Moz Pro Tools, users can save the data analysis results and download it to Moz Pro Tools. These tools are also considered the most complete and easiest way to pay attention to the ranking on the website and traffic.

9. Founder’s SEO Audit Tool

The focus of this tool is to provide a full report on SEO analysis, as well as other SEO problems that are often experienced. The way to use it is also easy, just by entering the URL on the Founding SEO Audit Tool site then a page will appear showing some of the results of the analysis. The results of the analysis are divided into

Technical issues : what is shown from the results of this analysis are the canonicalization domain and the XML sitemap.

Content issues : the results of the analysis for this section focus on the results of the meta data and the effect of keywords on the content and website.

External link analysis : this will show an analysis of external and internal quality links

10. Varvy’s SEO Overview Tool

Varvy’s SEO Overview Tool has a basis that is more focused on the overall factors of a website. A fast process in just minutes makes many users take advantage of this tool when they need the results of a quick analysis of their site. In addition, this tool is suitable for users who do not really need deep analysis of important factors related to SEO on the website.

This tool will analyze a number of important things, starting from domain strength, links, SEO images, factors related to social media like mention, and so on, besides that there are also technical SEO on each page, the speed of a page to open, and many others.

Varvy’s SEO Overview Tool also has a tool that may not be owned by many other SEO tools, namely Image SEO. This tool will analyze the power of SEO in the image that is in the URL entered. Will be analyzed using ALT to the number of words for each image.

11. QuickSprout Website Analyzer

One more tool that is able to provide a thorough analysis of the condition of a website based on the technical SEO used. QuickSprout Website Analyzer is one of the tools that works quickly and uses a thorough analysis process on several things related to techniques on a website.

Besides being fast, the use of this SEO tool is fairly easy. Where the user only needs to enter the address or URL of the site, then wait for a few minutes until the QuickSprout Website Analyzer shows the analysis data from the website. QuickSprout Website Analyzer analyzes optimization of SEO, speed, tags, keywords, social, links and even provides comparisons with other sites.

In addition, this site also provides other advantages in terms of displaying the results of analysis in the form of percentages, making it easier to understand the analysis of the website.

12. Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-friendly test is a tool from Google that you can use to see whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. You only need to enter the website URL that you want to test and click the “run test” button. In just a few seconds you will get the results. After that, this tool will tell you various ways you can optimize your website for mobile devices. Some suggestions that you might get are changing the font size and resizing the content.

13. Robots.txt Generator

Before indexing, Google bots must know what they have to do on a website. The Robots.txt Generator tells them what they have to crawl and index on every page of the website. For example, if a file has a ban, then the bots will not be able to visit any page on the website.

14. XML Sitemaps Generator

Having a sitemap is another way to have an indexed website. The XML Sitemaps Generator helps you to create a sitemaps for your website with XML and HTML variants. You only need to enter the full http: // address of your website. So that this tool can start generating a sitemap.

This tool will also generate a number of pages, broken links, XML file content and links to sitemap files. This tool can crawl up to 500 pages for free. If you need to index more pages, you can buy paid and unlimited versions of this tool.

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