DIY Wine Glass Painting Ideas For Your Holiday Party

Wine Glass Painting Ideas – If you are looking for a unique way to spruce up your holiday table, wine glass painting ideas should be in your thoughts. While you might not have thought of using painted wine glasses as table decoration, you can certainly do it and find that you have plenty of fun doing it. Painted wine glasses add sparkle to your table and create a festive atmosphere as well as being easy to clean and maintain. The wine glasses can either be bought already stained or you can buy them in a variety of colors and have them professionally stained. There are also many great DIY wine glass painting ideas for beginners that can help you create a beautiful wine glass setup even if you are on a tight budget.

Whether you are buying the wine glasses pre-stained or you are creating your own DIY wine glass painting ideas on your own, there are some basic supplies that you will need. These include some clear painter’s tape, miniature jewels (for bedroom lighting), wire, glue and wine glasses (painted or unstained). Depending on how much time and effort you are willing to invest, it is possible to spend less than $30 for most of the items mentioned here. These supplies should be easily available at your local craft store and in many major grocery stores as well.

To begin your search for wine glass painting ideas, you will need to decide what color scheme or theme you wish to create. This is probably the most fun part of this project! Do you want the room to feel very romantic or something sleek and modern? Do you want the area to reflect a true craftsman’s skills or are you after an inexpensive approach?

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Christmas wine glass set I painted for my sister mjh from wine glass painting ideas ,

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Once you have decided upon a general theme, do some research on the many types of paints that are available and how each one may best apply to your glass surfaces. For example, do you want to create an antique look with distressed finish? Would flat finish work best? Perhaps you have an old world charm by incorporating antique wine glasses? Narrow down your options by browsing the internet.

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DIY painted wine glass birch bark tree from wine glass painting ideas ,

Once you have chosen the appropriate paint color, you can start thinking about your overall DIY wine glass painting design ideas. This is where the fun begins! If you have made the decision to paint over an existing setup, you can take that opportunity to add your own creative flair. For instance, if your glasses are glass plates, you can experiment with the colors you like best and determine which pattern will best suit your space. If your setup only consists of round or square glasses, consider something that matches both in size and shape.

Sea Turtle Wine Glass Coastal Theme Hand Painted Glassware from wine glass painting ideas ,

Perhaps you have already chosen a particular design but are unsure of how to execute your DIY wine glass painting ideas. Non-toxic painting supplies are available at most craft stores or even online. Non-toxic paints are ideal for any number of projects including food or drink vessel decorations. The benefit of using non-toxic paints is that they are safe for people to ingest and use throughout the entire holiday season. However, if toxic paints should ever leak or fall on a person, it would be imperative to clean the area immediately. Additionally, using non-toxic paints could actually decrease the amount of time it takes to get a beautiful, non-toxic masterpiece completed.

Stained glass painted wine glass from wine glass painting ideas ,

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Turquoise & Green Wine Glasses Turquoise Swirl Wine Glasses from wine glass painting ideas ,
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In addition to using non-toxic paints, it is also possible to apply wine glass stencils to your setup. Stencils allow you to create unique and personal wine glass artwork. There are literally hundreds of stencil designs available so it is simple to find one that suits your overall DIY wine art design ideas.

In conclusion, applying wine glass may seem like a simple task. But in reality, it requires some patience and a great deal of creativity. If you want a truly unique piece of artwork, it is best to work in several different stages. For example, you can paint the wine glass first and then fill it with the stencil, allowing the wine glass to be an inspiration piece for the rest of the set. Keep in mind that the wine glass should always be filled with clear, colorless paints as it will enhance the overall look and create a greater illusion of depth.

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