7 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins Free

The event calendar is a calendar used to organize an event or activity such as parties, family events, organizational events, etc. If you want to have a site dedicated to such things, you need to use WordPress as the basic system for your website.

Why WordPress? Because WordPress has a lot of plugins that support the calendar event you want, so just install the plugin and choose the theme you want, your website event is ready to use.

With a large WordPress community, you might be confused choosing the right plugin to add the Calendar of Events feature to your website.

But you don’t have to worry in this article, you will get 7 calendar event plugin options which will allow you to install Calendar in various elements such as pages, widgets or certain sections you want.

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And some plug-ins also support exporting and importing calendar data so you can use it anywhere like Google Calendar or iCal.

Free WordPress Calendar Plugins

wordpress calendar plugins

As said at the beginning, in WordPress there are many Calender Event plugins, even there are many good quality Calender plugins, even if it’s free. Which you can use to organize your different events over time.

Although they are free, some of these plugins also provide premium services which you can take advantage of and which will certainly simplify your work.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a Calendar Calender plugin that is useful for your features as well as for you to easily manage the activities that you will be holding. This plugin has various features such as location markers with Google Maps, descriptions, and prices if needed because it supports currency symbols.

In addition to many and complete features, The Events Calendar has an attractive appearance and is very easy to use, so you can manage your activity information in detail and clearly. In addition you can also import data on your activities into a CSV file that can be opened in Spreatsheet or Microsoft Excel.

This plugin has been tested by many WordPress experts ranging from performance to very good compatibility. This plugin is also very popular and has been used by many large companies and universities.

although it is very complete, The Events Calendar still offers a premium version that is claimed to have even more complete features, such as Repeat Events, Special Labels, content addition, and location search.

In addition, in terms of appearance there are parts of the location, weekly, and count down and special widgets that are better than the Free version.

Simple Calendar

The simple calendar makes it easy to create and manage events. It’s a good choice if you want to extract your Google Calendar and use it as a feed for your WordPress site. It collects upcoming events from Google and displays them in your messages, pages and widgets. The best thing about this plugin is that you don’t have to create events in your WordPress separately, but you can manage them all yourself via the calendar. Just enter the URL for your Google Calendar feed. A bonus is that you can also view events from any public Google calendar.

The plugin is completely responsive and contains many templates that you can assign to your topic. Events are displayed in list and grid views that are suitable for mobile phones. Simple tags help customize the content of the event without using code. Categories allow you to combine multiple calendars in one ad. Advanced settings are available to adjust time zones, date / time formats and the start of the week. You must use third-party services for the ticketing functionality.

A complete calendar add-on can convert your calendar events into a user-friendly format for the newsletter, offer calendar views for day and week, show event titles and start times directly in your calendar. Premium add-ons go even further with functionality. With them you can add details about the organizer, participant lists with Garvatar, RSVP and links to attachments in the tooltip. You can also view events in color codes.

All-in-One Event Calendar

The all-in-one event calendar includes three calendar display themes that you can customize by changing the color. You can use the online calendar theme editor to change the appearance of the calendar. Theme options are available for easy customization. It’s a great option to create a calendar of community events.

There’s not a lot you can’t control on the plugin settings page. You can add the event name, location, description, category and tags. You can also provide other details such as the date and time of the event, the price and the link for visitors to buy tickets. Venues can be pinned to a Google map. The calendar offers several display options such as day, week, month, calendar and poster view.

You can integrate a calendar into a WordPress site without changing your topic. Every event is optimized for SEO and contains links to the original calendar. The plugin includes functions such as recurring events, filtering events by categories and tags and importing events from Facebook. Upcoming events can be displayed in a widget on your website.

Paid plans offer many other functions such as location and organizer filtering, automatic Twitter approval, transmission of paid and unpaid events and keyword research. It also supports importing CSV / ICS from other websites, as well as categorizing, highlighting and viewing events. So you can create events on a website and then export them fully or selectively based on categories and tags. You can also import feeds and publish selected events.

Events Manager

The event manager is one of the most popular plugins for managing your events in a calendar-based format. It allows you to configure settings according to your requirements and supports recurring events, one-day events and multi-day events. It manages reservations efficiently, approves and rejects reservations, exports reservations in CSV format, and more. Advanced permission levels are available to restrict the management of events and locations by users.

The plugin supports Google Maps, Multisite and BuddyPress. Members and guests can submit events. You can assign locations to events, classify them, and create custom attributes such as dress code. The Add to Google Calendar button makes it easy to add events to the calendar.

Events Manager also supports RSS feeds and iCal support for single and multiple events. How to import calendars from other websites. Template files can be customized to control the appearance of your calendars. Template tags and short codes are available for use in your publications and pages. The plugin also contains widgets for events, calendars and locations.

The Pro version offers additional functions such as PayPal, Authorize.net and offline payments, personalized booking forms, promo codes and faster support via private forums.

Sugar Events Calendar Lite

The Sugar events calendar focuses on simplicity and retains the essential functions of an event management plugin, while removing the less important functions. You can create events and display them to visitors using a shortcode in a simple Ajax-compatible calendar. It is based on a custom publication type for storing event information, making it easier to use the plugin. Here you can define the date and time of events and archive events after the date of their occurrence.

The basic plugin has limited functions and no style options. The Pro version of the plugin supports recurring events, event categories, calendar style and calendar widgets.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar is a good choice for organizing hotel reservations, rental cars, meetings, etc. With a widget or shortcode you can insert the calendar into your website. The list of functions of the free plugin is rather limited. To take full advantage of this plugin, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

WP Simple Booking Calendar Pro offers additional features such as unlimited booking calendars and a legend that appears right next to your calendar. A shortcode is generated to show the booking calendar on any page or publication. You can view multiple months in multi-page format, change the first day of the week or the beginning of the month or year, and view the number of the week. Certain users can be assigned to specific calendars and tooltips can be used to display information.

With the plugin you can mark the current day and synchronize your calendars with the calendars of other websites that use iCal feeds. It is also possible to block certain data and export data in CSV or Excel format. Users can book multiple appointment slots.

Event Calendar

Fortunately, you can add an event calendar to your website simply by using an appropriate WordPress calendar plug-in. Of course we have a lot for you here and the event calendar is one that makes the trick easy. Making configurations and refining the tool according to your style is a breeze. And you don’t really have to touch a single code string to customize the event calendar to your project needs.

Hence the name, you can now create a sophisticated and responsive calendar with events like a pro. In the kit, the event calendar plugin includes ten free web designs that you can use unchanged or change as needed. You can use the free version to create a fully functional calendar of events. However, if you need additional functions, there is always the possibility to become premium.

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