5 Best WordPress Booking Plugins To Get Your Business Totally Automate

In this seems busy world, it is a common thing that reservation is required. As we all know that having reservation before the real deal is one of the society laws. It is making the appointment or any business run in a more smooth and organized way.

Having the automatic reservation will make any of your business more professional and efficient. So, here we will discuss about the best WordPress booking plugin you can use. The booking plugin may make your work more efficient. Here we go!

What is the important thing in WordPress Booking Plugin?

To get through the “WordPress booking plugins” we may understand first what are we should look for. On the other words are what is the important things that we should get from the WordPress Booking Plugin.

To knowing more here are some features that you should considers:

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  • Having customizable calendar. Not just having it, but it will be great if it can be placed anywhere on your website.
  • Mobile – friendly interface to make users comfortable to book appointments even from a smaller screen.
  • Options of accepting payments, which also great to have some way to remove the payment processing.
  • Support to have multiple service providers. You may have your workers own profile and calendar so it makes the users easier to make a booking.
  • Menu where users enable to view and edit their bookings online.
  • More filtered and searchable booking management module.
  • Features to make customizing schedule, that will make it easier to setting some free time in – between appointments.
  • Email or other massage service confirmation and reminders, for either admins and the users.

Those are just a little sampling of how you should consider the characteristics of a booking plugin.

Detailed Look at the best WordPress Booking Plugins

Those are so much WordPress Booking Plugins that may draw your attentions. But hold on, here are some best of the best. Here we are!

1. WooCommerce Booking

First, is the most mentioned booking plugin that you may ever heard. It Is WooCommerce Booking that actually have its quality and many takes this as their plugin. This is one of the best booking plugins that anyone can get, even the beginner.

This booking plugin known by the core version – free that it has, and also it has access towards dozens of extensions for choice of accepting payments. So, it is clear that WooCommerce is one choice of many you could get.

Features of WooCommerce:

  • The booking extensions provide tools for creating fixes time slot that allow the customers decide based on your choice.
  • All the booking managed on your dashboard.
  • Limitation of booking from people are allowed.
  • WooCommerce have 30 day free (trial).

2. EDD Bookings

Other booking plugins that has its names is the EDD Bookings which EDD stand in Easy Digital Download. If you expecting a more cheaper booking plugin that has a great performance, you should probably consider this EDD Bookings. It is known as the cheap booking plugin with a relative great of features. And here are some features that you may get from the EDD Booking Plugin.

  • Integrates to Easy Digital Downloads, which is extremely easy to use.
  • All the download shown on the backend, which means easier to show.
  • Email notifications are delivered to the admins and customer whenever the booking is made.

3. Bookly

Another booking plugin beside those two amazing plugins is Bookly. This one is also having a great performance, based on many users. This plugin has both free and paid version. But sure, each version has some differences. For the free plugin, you will get the basic looking tool without the support for online payment.

What best from this booking plugin is the looks. You will find this Bookly is have the most modern – look among many others. And here are some features that you will get from the Bookly booking plugin.

  • You don’t need to know any coding to customize your booking plugin.
  • You will easily include numerous service providers or employees on the booking schedule.
  • Email notification is something you will get along the booking plugin, but with Bookly, you will also get a built of SMS notification.
  • There are google calendar integrated.
  • Payment and booking rules are available to make your schedule more flexible.

4. Booked

Next is, the Booked Plugin that known as one of the affordable plugins, with just about $49. This plugin is allowed you to assign calendars to certain people only. It will make you easier to assign any work from your employee that has their own schedule. Besides, here are some other features that you may get from this amazing plugin.

  • it has great interface look without any coding.
  • It is one-time fee that will make this one cheaper than other booking plugins out there.
  • You can get some free add – on including the Front – end agents.
  • The users don’t have to be registered on your website because a guest booking is possible.

5. Amelia

Amelia is also one of the most used booking plugins that you may consider. This one is rather simple and powerful. This one is called as the automated booking specialist. Just like the other booking plugin, Amelia is also having the free version beside the paid version. If you find that booking plugin is commonly having email notification, it is different with this one. You will also get the SMS System notification. And here are some of the features of Amelia Booking Plugin.

  • SMS Notification that keeps your customers and employees notified and reminded.
  • It is easily to add multiple employees with custom working hours and days off for each employee.
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • 2 – way google Calendar Integration

Those are just little samples of the Best WordPress Booking Plugin. There are also many more that you can consider such as, Booking Calendar, Team Booking, MotoPress Hotel Booking, Salon Booking System and many more. Just make sure you know what you need as your booking plugin in your website, so you won’t make a wrong choice.

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