12 Farewell Gifts to Coworkers. Sure, you will always remember it

Try to calculate how much time in a day you spend at the office? Of course you spend a lot at your place of work, automatically their coworkers will be your friends throughout the day. Do you agree?

So, as time goes by and the activities you do together will strengthen the cords of friendship, not infrequently friendship in the work environment is no less fun than during school or college. Fortunately for you who work in an office environment with a high kinship. Where the relationship of each personnel is very close like his own family. Until one day, one of them had to go reach for his dream and resign. That loss is certain. But no need to be sad dragged on to disrupt daily activities.

Well, one of the things that can be done as solace because separation is to give a gift. Even though it’s not much, at least your gift can be a tool that reminds him of you. Try to sort out a few of the following gifts that if suitable for you to give to your close friends who move to work.

1. Agenda Book

Give a complete agenda book and notes that will accompany her days. This agenda book is not only used to record daily activities, but also has a variety of content such as pages for writing travel routes to pages for recording expenses in detail. Functional, right?

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2. Pen

Pen engraved with a name you can give to your friends who really like writing. Giving a pen or an impression pen is normal, but if the pen you give has been personalized, it will certainly feel exclusive while supporting the writing activity.

3. Novels

Look for any object that he/she likes, such as a book or CD containing favorite songs, for example. Choose a collection that he does not have or really wants, it will impress him. For example, he really likes novels about romance. Well, in addition to the bookstore you can hunt for novels here, the price is not expensive.

4.  Caricature

Unique and funny caricature paintings can also be chosen as parting gifts. To be more memorable, highlight your friend’s most prominent characters

5.  Wall Decoration

You can also make a wall decoration with quotes to encourage your friends to work in a new office

6. Photo Frame

The picture of you two framed in a unique frame will surely remind him of you. Try to collect photos of you two then frame with funny frames to capture the togetherness in an image.

7. External Hard Drive

Giving an external hard drive will be a very useful gift for him. The price is indeed rather expensive, but you can choose an external hard drive with a small capacity. To be more memorable again, fill the external hard drive with memory files, such as photos or videos.

8. Ties

To support his new job, it would not hurt you to provide accessories that support his appearance. You can give a lot of choices, ranging from belts, ties, glasses and others.

9. Bottle

Well, so that your friend is more diligent in drinking water, gift him a drinking bottle with a unique and attractive design. In addition to helping him to be more diligent in drinking water, providing drinking bottles also supports to save her/his money. So no more snacks, right?

10. Dolls

Not only used by small children, you can also give character dolls to your friends who are planning to change jobs. Various types of dolls offered on the market not only function as playmates for children, but can be used while sleeping or when sitting and traveling

11. Laptop Bag

Now, to make it even more useful, a gift in the form of a laptop bag will be highly appreciated by him. Giving in the form of a laptop bag will not be less memories for your friends. Look for the model that suits your needs, of course with the right price in your pocket

12. Calendars

Again, items that can be personalized are calendars containing photos of you and him

Now many places accept personal calendar creation services. Gather at least twelve of your photos with him to be used as calendar images for the next year

13. Tote bag with quote

If this one is not only unique, but also useful. Canvas Tote Bag can be customized according to your request, you know. With a thick broken white color canvas, this bag can be decorated on request. Can be printed photo, color, or other writing.

14. Terrarium

Terrarium is one of the most recent gifts. This mini plant in the glass symbolizes hope, making it a perfect gift for a loved one. Not only that, the terrarium is also very beautiful used as home decoration.

15. Unique Table Clocks

Jam is a present that has never been eaten by the ages. Especially for your friends who lack discipline, a gift in the form of a clock is definitely very useful and memorable. Choose unique and different clocks, such as Unique Ethnic Table Clocks made from traditional materials such as bamboo, coconut shells, and beautifully arranged wood.

16. Mug

One more unique gift that is memorable and useful. Give a mug or glass specifically designed as a parting gift. This glass can only be used as a display or used as a place to drink.

17. Various Office Stationery

Memo book or agenda is definitely used by anyone. These items are important for recording ideas, plans and agendas over the next few days. Give the agenda book that is unique and other than usual, namely UCHII A5 Notebook Paper and Paper Mechanical Pencil Memo Book Package.

18. Headset

Music has become a part of modern human life. Listening to the best music when you are on a trip or waiting for something. But of course not polite is not listening to music at high volume in public places? Of course it will disturb the comfort of the people around him.

19. Lunch Box

Lunch box is also a unique gift for farewell from work colleagues. Bringing your own lunch would be healthier and guaranteed its cleanliness, right?

20. Computer Mouse

A computer mouse gift is perfect for friends who are struggling with computers or a gaming enthusiast.

So, as time goes by and the activities you do together will strengthen the cords of friendship, not infrequently friendship in the work environment is no less fun than during school or college.

After all, a meaningful gift is the right choice to be given on the day of separation. This gift implies how meaningful your separation and how important the person you gave the gift to in your life. Hope it’s useful!

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