7 Steps How to Learn Photoshop for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop is one of the image processing software that serves as a tool to create design. It can be justified as basically the main function of the software.. A reason why so many graphic designers prefer to use Adobe Photoshop as a tool to make their designs than other software.  Because of the many features provided by Adobe Photoshop.

How to use Photoshop is quite easy. Adobe Photoshop can be learned on its own as long as it has sufficient references. This allows beginners be able to use Adobe Photoshop without getting significant difficulties. References and tutorials about Adobe Photoshop on the internet are quite a lot. But, i have tutorial as simply as Drinking Coffee.

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STEP 1 : Running Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop software is generally located in the C directory: / program files / Adobe / Adobe Photoshop [… *] depending on the version (eg CC, CS6, CS5 and others). This software can also be found on the desktop on windows with a blue icon with the words Ps. In addition, Adobe Photoshop can be found using the search feature in Windows via Windows + S and type “Adobe Photoshop”. To run it, just double-click the program or right-click then open.

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STEP 2 : Create new document

New document can be created by clicking the File> New menu at the top left of the display. In addition, new documents in photoshop can be accessed via the shortcut keyboard Ctrl + N. After the New window appears, various settings for the document can be set such as size, resolution, etc as needed. Adobe Photoshop also provides various models of settings available at the preset dropdown. After it’s finished, click the Ok button to go to the new document that was just created. The document can be rearranged on the Image menu> Image size. New documents can also be automatically created by opening images in Photoshop (STEP 3).


STEP 3 : Open an image or photo in Photoshop

How to open images in photoshop is quite easy. This can be done by accessing the File menu> Open. After the Open window appears then look for the file that will be opened. After getting it, then click the Ok button. This method can also be used to open various types of files supported by Adobe Photoshop. Various types of image files have been supported by Adobe Photoshop by default. However, users can also add to the number of extensions that photoshop can support by downloading certain plugins on the internet.

STEP 4 : Create new layer in Photoshop

Layer is a component or part that forms a document in Photoshop. Layer can be analogized as puzzle pieces in a set of puzzle games. How to create a new layer in photoshop can be done by clicking the Layer menu> Layer on the menubar. What needs to be known by Photoshop users, In the usual collection of layers (Layers) located at the bottom right of the Photoshop work area, the sequence of layers from top to bottom determines the position of the layer in the document. The layer at the top will cover the layer in the order below.

STEP 5 : Using the selection feature in Photoshop

The selection feature is an advantage of Photoshop as well as being quite difficult to learn by beginners. The difficulty of using this feature is related to the neatness of the selection results. This feature can be used to crop images or photos. In addition, the selection feature can be used to remove parts of unwanted images. Adobe Photoshop provides at least three types of selection features namely Marquee tool, Lasso tool and Quick selection tool or magic wand tool. Each type of selection feature has own advantages. This feature can be found on the toolbox in the left part of the Photoshop work area.

STEP 6 : Add writing in photoshop

How to add text to images using Photoshop is done using the type tool. To access this feature, you can quickly use shortcut T on the keyboard. Settings for writing type and font size etc. can be found below the menu bar after the toolbox type tool is clicked. Adding text to the document will automatically create a new layer layers (F7).

STEP 7 : Adjust the effects of images or photos in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has many features to adjust the effects of photo or writing. This feature can be found in the Filter menu, Image> Adjustments and blending options. Blending options can be accessed by right-clicking the layer and then selecting blending options. By adjusting and editing the effects of photo images or writing Adobe Photoshop users should add strokes, shadows, sharpen images, blur, adjust Hue / Saturation and other effects on the selected layer.

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