5 Photography Tips on Attractive Vacation


We have photography tips that you can apply to make the holiday photos look more attractive and beautiful. Try to find the following five Photography Tips for Attractive Vacation Photos. Be relax with Drink Coffee.

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  1. Use Burst Mode For Family / Group Photos


Burst mode or drive mode (called on some cameras) is photography tips that allows you to take several photos in a few seconds and the photo will continue to be taken until the shutter button is released. This mode is perfect because it will give you extra photos for stock and will maximize the “natural laughter” photo pose that is currently in trend. Most cameras and smartphones have the ability to take three to ten photos per second when using this burst mode.

  1. Use A Wide Angle Lens


When holiday moments, using a lens with a wider angle is the wisest choice. It will able to provide more extensive details, this lens can also capture more people in a shared photo moment. You can use a lens with a focus distance of 14-24mm or other lenses with a focus that is not too far away. Smartphones are no need photography tips because the average smartphone lens uses a wide 20 mm lens.

  1. Use A High Shutter Speed


During the holidays, of course, it will be nice moment for everyone, including children. And capturing photos of children on vacation can be a challenge on their own because they are usually move here and there actively. Therefore, it is better to set the shutter speed at high speed, around 1/125, so that the photo is not blurry. If you use a smartphone, on some types there is a “Sport Mode” mode or choose a manual setting that allows you to manually set the shutter speed.

  1. Aim For Sparkling City Lights For Bokeh Effects


Photos with bokeh effects are very interesting to see. Especially if the background is a sparkling light. The moment at the turn of the year is usually the right moment to make photographs because many city decorations consist of luminous light elements. Just try standing in front of the glittering city lights, use a fixed lens with narrow openings, and position the sparkling lights that blur behind the object.

  1. Don’t Forget Candid Photos


Finally, these tips sound simple, but there is no better way to capture the holiday moments by capturing the natural expressions of the objects in them. The shared photos are indeed good, indicating the togetherness in carrying out pleasant moments together, but there is no natural effect in them.

Candid photos can display the emotions of an object displayed in a photo frame. In addition, candid photos require their own tricks so that the object of the photo is unconscious when it wants to be immortalized.

The five tips above can you apply to get attractive and more attractive vacation photos compared to other holiday photos. During the holidays and capture more photos!

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